Monday, 15 March 2010

Yesterday's car boot sale

The area cleared of winter weeds in the soft fruit intake area. Strawberries now under cover from the night-time frosts. In front of them, some of the raspberry canes and a Loganberry. You can just see a scabby cherry tree (left) and then two of the Lidl fruit trees I planted last year - a damson and a pear.

Whilst we didn't spend much money yesterday, we had an excellent visit to the car boot sale. I was pleased to find a big bag of DMC and Anchor embroidery silks on one stall for just £1, so I snapped those up. On another stall I spent £2 on a spare double duvet set for one of the girls to take back with them. OH bought some solid brass hinges and 4 bronzey handles for £1 each lot.

The pack on the left was sent to me by my dear friend in the Forest, who said it had my name on it in the charity shop. Literally within an hour of it arriving I was using one of the greens as it was a very close match to one I'd just run out of in my Devon picture. The pile on the right were the ones from the car boot sale.

Here are few of them which I wound onto spools last night (bits of cornflake packet!) As embroidery floss is 75p a time now, this has been a huge saving.

These are some choccy biccies my son asked my to make. I will put the recipe up later.

Right, back to the paddock, where I am clearing brambles, and then I intend to do a walk up the valley.


  1. Please do post the recipe. They look so good. My son would love them too!

  2. What a lot of wonderful treasures!!
    Your fruit garden is looking great and it will wonderful to take another peek in the summer... and if you manage to produce some delicious strawberries I will be over in a few hours with my pot of cream!!
    The chocolate biscuits look very tempting and I feel so hungry now!!!
    Love Jane xxx

  3. I love car boot sales. I brought home some wonderful finds that would have cost me much more at home...even if I had found them at a yard sale! Good for you, sounds like a fun weekend and the treats look delicious.

  4. ER - there were 50 skeins of floss in yesterday's haul - 25 Anchor and 25 DMC and they worked out just tuppence a skein!

    Aromatic - I shall give you a call when they go into overdrive then!

    Hi Lorie - I will put the recipe up this evening. they're very easy to make.

  5. You really did well with those embroidery silks! I see you're busy outside as well, I've been gardening like mad for over a week and today my osteopath said no more for a couple of days! Must admit my neck and shoulders have been killing me so shall tahe heed of her words though I really wanted to make the most of the finew weather while we have it. Will e-mail tomorrow!

  6. Great goodies from the car boot sale! I love cross-stitching...I just haven't done it in years. Makes me want to get it back out and get started again. Hope you've had a great day!