Sunday, 25 October 2020

An extra hour

An "Atkinson Grimshaw" moon tonight . . . behind mucky-looking clouds.

 For once, I didn't wake at the crack of dawn when the clocks went back and in fact, slept in until 8.40 p.m. which is unheard of for me.  I obviously needed the sleep.  I have been keeping busy all day, but turned some jobs into Sitting Down jobs.  One of these, this afternoon, when there was something I wanted to watch on tv, was the Quilting Magazine Cull.  I was Ruthless again, and went through them asking myself, was there anything I wanted to make that I didn't already have in a book (or could find on line, come to that?)  Very few quilting magazines passed the test, and in fact the ones that stayed were some Period Home magazines, a Homes and Antiques magazine, and a couple of Christmas magazines for the ideas in them. Now someone will benefit from me shedding more "stuff".  I have earmarked some sewing books to go to a friend from my patchwork group who I know  is always looking out for fresh ideas.  I will donate the magazines to Alex, who runs the patchwork group, along with two bin liners full of fabrics.  I am not giving up making quilts, but being very specific with what I make in future.

    We took another load for storage at a friend's, along with some apples, pears and some culled country cookery books for her.  I know she will enjoy all.

    I picked up 3 grocery shopping bags full of windfall apples and will give the remaining two bags to other (unsuspecting!) neighbours.  

    I caught up with the ironing too, changed the office curtains for some new ones I bought (think I did that yesterday actually), and have vacuumed the house from top to bottom (another survey being done tomorrow - hopefully one which won't condemn our house as unfit to live in . . .) I shall be glad when tomorrow is over though.

    Hoping that Pat is comfortable in Hospital and is already mending.  Thinking of you my dear.  I hope you have a good book to read whilst you are laid up.

Saturday, 24 October 2020

Get Well Soon Pat (Weaver of Grass)

Looking across to Llanfynydd on a recent walk.

 In my corner of Blogland, blogging friends have mentioned that one of my favourite Bloggers Pat (Weaver of Grass) has had a fall and broken her hip.  She is now in Hospital, but I hope will be on the mend again soon and back home.  

    These things happen so easily - Keith has a barked shin from tripping over the sack truck yesterday and we have to go out this morning to Llandeilo to get dressings and tape . . .

    Keep safe all.

Thursday, 22 October 2020

Loosey lefty, righty tighty . . .

 Another long long working day again today.  Down to the Tip this morning, and another lot of junk gotten rid of.  Then home via Dunelm  so I could get some cheap-but-nice curtains to go up here in my office to replace the £65 ones I would really rather take with me.  Then Tam and I helped Keith go through the cart shed workshop (he has two workshops), and consign lots of formerly "useful bits of wood" to the woodshed for burning on the fire.  I took a break from that to do some weeding in the bed in the stable yard, and then as it was fine, Tam and I set to and took the Polytunnel down.  It took a lot longer than we had expected, and we were very glad to have all the matching pieces held together in bundles with sticky tape, and all the screws appropriately bagged.  Now it is in a box in the cart shed, and the cover is drying off in Fahly's old stable - there was mud around the bottom apron where it had been held down with boulders.

The title for today's post is something Tam taught me today.  She said she knew it from Scrubs - which the girls used to watch back in their teens.  It refers to loosening and tightening screws . . .  Gormless here happened to mention, "This screw seems to be getting tighter".  Tam came to check and said that didn't surprise her as I was actually tightening it and then she said,"Loosey lefty, righty tighty" and that tickled my funny bone!  Never heard it before.

    After we had tidied everything polytunnelish away, I was beyond cooking a meal, so it was bung a pizza from the freezer in the oven time. However, I still had to bake a cake as we have a friend coming tomorrow to collect some of our stuff for storage.  I had promised him Socially Distanced cake.

    I rather think that a couple of wine glasses of Cider wouldn't go amiss tonight and may even help me sleep through - I have had two nights where I have been awake half the night, plus having my Flu Jab yesterday and every time I rolled over in bed my jabbed arm said ouch.  Better today and no ill-effects from the injection that I can see. 


Banc-y-Daren, just above the "swing bridge".

Tuesday, 20 October 2020

Feeling a tad Overwhelmed


I am feeling a bit overwhelmed and on my hunkers this afternoon.  Yet another long busy day, making decisions about books which I can bear to part with (but would rather not if given a choice), taking 5 boxes of books to a charity shop this morning, along with craft things and odds and sods. Another 6 are going tomorrow, so that will be over 30 now. 

    This morning we took rubber stable mats along to give to our smallholding friend, along with Tam's grooming kit in its purple box (happy horsey memories), and also gave her some windfall Pears, and a huge bag of apples and some pears to the lass who milks for Next Door.  Both were delighted.

    There are more phone calls, another chap came to quote on something and now with the added looming Welsh Lockdown to put a complete spanner in the works. At least during Lockdown we can get on and sort more stuff out and hopefully get on top of it.  I have booked another Tip Trip for Thursday, so after we have our flu jabs, and a short rest tomorrow, we will sort out what is going to the Tip from the pony stables.

    Tam is cooking our tea tonight - we got an M&S meal deal yesterday and ate the Tart au Citron part of it with lunch!  Yummy it was too.  Tea is a Chicken, Leek and Bacon Pie and Tenderstem Broccoli.  There is a bottle of Rose for later.

    Whilst we were in town yesterday, I treated Keith and I to a magazine each, and mine was Homes and Antiques which had some lovely ideas in for decorating possibilities in our new home.  Then we went Christmas shopping (!!!) briefly in TK Maxx and I got Keith and I bamboo socks (his are to go towards his birthday present) and some edible presents for a very aged aunty (96 now, what do you buy a 96 year old?) We were very careful and wore our masks of course, tried not to touch anything and had hand gel on multiple times.  

    When we went into M&S as Tam had a voucher to spend, there was a father in front of us (on his mobile), not social distancing, and allowing his 6 or 7 yr old son to touch everything - he must have touched just about EVERY leaf and flower of every plant offered for sale there.  I said, loud enough to be heard, "Remind me not to buy flowers in here" to Tam.  Yeesh.  Much hand gel and hand washing when we got home, and clothes into quarantine (jacket) or wash (sweatshirt).  I will be glad when we aren't going out again, tbh . . .

    Right, I am being called for my evening meal so will leave you with this photo from a recent walk - it used to be called the "swing bridge" and we still call it that, although as you can see, it is very solid now!!


Monday, 19 October 2020

15 boxes of books - less . . .

 As I said, I have had to harden my heart and be RUTHLESS with my books. Tam has helped by saying that other people would be able to enjoy them now, and a charity is benefitting.  It was not my first choice of charity, but hey ho, needs must.  Keith has shed a good boxful too, so we have made good progress.

View across to Black Mountain from a recent walk.

    Of course, we had the news on the expected Welsh Lockdown, which now starts on Friday evening.  I managed to quickly get another Tip run booked, and we will sort out the stuff for that tomorrow.  We also need to phone the charity shop we donated to last week, and confirm it is still OK to bring more stuff this week.  We need to Get Rid!

    Yesterday we picked as many pears as we could reach, and the bird-pecked ones will have to be cooked up.  I shall share a few (more!) with our friend up the lane. I am trying not to look at the ever increasing pile of windfall apples . . .

    So much to organize.  We will have to ask the Removal Company to let us have boxes early as we are packing now and lost 15 good boxes for books today when we dropped them off.  There will have to be some juggling of boxes with Tam's stuff going into bigger boxes and we having the suitable-for-books boxes to utilise.

    I don't know the impact of the Welsh Lockdown on the housing market, eg. searches and the like, but I am sure that viewings won't be allowed and that Estate Agents will close because they are considered non-essential.  We have paid for searches to be done, but hope there is no delay on those due to Council offices being shut - I think many Council employees are still working from home anyway.  Let's hope the Lockdown is sufficient to stop the spread of the virus but Christmas will be looking very iffy.  We have already said it won't really be happening for us as a family - D and G will celebrate together if poss, and us 3 together - hopefully in our new home.

Keep safe everyone.

Saturday, 17 October 2020

Shedding "stuff"


When you have lived somewhere for nearly half a lifetime (32 years in our case), you accumulate a LOT of "stuff".  Some of mine went to a Charity shop today, as arranged on the phone on Thursday.  Yet when I got there the lady had no knowledge of it and said because of the proposed Lockdown they didn't want to take any more bla bla bla.  So I said, "You want me to take it away then?"  "Oh no . . ." and when I mentioned craft things, she remembered the call and took much of our carful.  I can take more next week.

    After that Tam and I had a lovely walk around Llandeilo, which is a nice little town with a long history.  We included the churchyard of St Teilo's in our perambulation, noting a Chinese headstone beside the path, the first I have seen anywhere, and many plots belonging to the Nicholas family.

    Then I had to go and see our smallholding friend N up the road, and offered her some small books on aspects of country living, plus a pile of old Country Kitchen magazines - they were too good to just chuck.  I also offered her some rubber matting we had for the horses (she has donkeys and sheep) so both of us were pleased when we agreed she would like them!

    After that, we had to load the car for the Tip Run tomorrow.  I will need to book another one or two in for the coming week so that we can get as much away as possible before the likely Lockdown from 26th October.

    Tea was Kedgeree tonight, and whilst that was cooking I carried on going through the (last?) box of paperwork from the Junk Room, finding old Archaeology essays, school reports, notes for a book I once proposed to write, notes and copy of a talk on Edward Thomas which I gave, and old bank statements and auction receipts.  Also the details of a lovely old house in Hatherleigh we once hoped to buy, but it didn't happen as no buyer turned up here at the time. 

    Now I am absolutely shattered, and about to have a bath and collapse in a heap.  Tomorrow, legal paperwork needs to be done for the Solicitor, so we can drop it in on Monday, and  pears need picking and storing before the birds have them all, and then it's more going through the junk room.  We have had the eye-watering quote for our removal, and it is obvious we must do some of it ourselves, and jettison more furniture.  Two linen "cupboards" that were middle daughter's will now be taken apart and can be Freecycled, as they are quite bulky when made up and we had originally intended taking them.  No more. G's bed is also staying with the house, and another couple of big chunks of furniture will be offered to our buyers.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Friday, 16 October 2020

If it all goes to plan . . .


This would be the view to be enjoyed near our next home.  Let's hope it all pans out . . . but the new Welsh Lockdown could throw a spanner in the works.

    We were there today, measuring up what would fit and where.  Downsizing is a bit of a nightmare, but at least the rooms there are really generous.  As I said, I wanted the same size rooms, but fewer of them . . .

    We also explored the town a bit and got away from the main street and into the hinterland.  Some nice nooks and crannies and a VERY good butcher.