Thursday, 5 December 2019

Try again

Whilst I was at the PO, the agents phoned to say that the folk from last weekend LOVED the house, but on consideration the land and access wasn't right for their Alpacas.  

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Still no news

I had a lovely day today as Gabby came up for lunch and afterwards we put some music on and we sat round the kitchen table and wrapped up Christmas presents, so that's one job 90% done.  Tam and I were turning last year's Christmas cards (which have suddenly made an unscheduled appearance) into gift tags for presents.  I have even been into my craft cupboard in the sitting room and whilst searching for pins and ribbons, I put aside a few things I can take to Cloth, Paper, Stitch in Llandeilo. 

I was awake in the night - finally went back to bed at 2 a.m. - and I got the 2nd half of the Christmas cards written.  Just one minor problem - I can't find the blardy FIRST HALF! They got thrown into a cupboard or similar when I was hurtling round on Saturday morning, tidying up and vacuuming, dusting, cleaning floors etc.

We haven't heard anything yet from the viewers last weekend, the couple who WE want to have the house. I am hoping that "no news is good news".  Anyway, we haven't had a definite NO so that is something to hold onto.  For anyone reading who thinks I am overly positive about everyone who comes to view- well yes, no one has hated it yet.  Some people don't find it suits their needs, but everyone really likes it and says so in their feedback.  So there!

In the meantime my frazzled mind has functioned sufficiently for me to make a few purchases on line today (gift cards for young relatives t'other side of the country) and to make a list of presents bought and those I still need to get, so that's progress.  I plan to go downstairs now, do today's Codeword puzzle and some more sewing on the border of the green hexi table runner.  

Monday, 2 December 2019

A recent walk

It was bitterly cold here overnight (first heavy frost of the season).  At the weekend it was warmer and drier so Keith and I ventured up the hill.  This is the big old dead tree on the border of our land (our side!).  We keep hoping it will decide to fall over and give us a huge supply of firewood but no . . . it stands resolute!

No snow on top of Black Mountain at the moment.

Looking across the valley.


Dryslwyn Castle in the distance.

The birds haven't had all these Haws yet (though the tree in our paddock is picked clean).

Looking up the valley a bit.

The Italianate tower still standing at Pant Glas.

Sorry for so few words.  My nerves are on a knife's edge as we had some LOVELY people come and view at the weekend.  First, on Saturday, then they wanted to see the land again on Sunday, but viewed the house again too (Tam in charge as we were out).  I keep praying the Agents will ring with some positive news . . .  

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

The sound of silence

I needed a walk today and got Keith to drop me off by a farm across the valley (which meant I didn't need to drag myself up the steep hill on the valley side.)  I did the bridleway walk, as I wanted to get away from everything and everyone, and indeed, only saw two cars all the time I was out.  It was partly an experiment to see how quiet it was in the proper countryside, as the Beeb is doing a recording of Silence in Antarctica to calm people down.  I thought, well, I can cope with the wind in the trees, the occasional bird noise, and the chatter of a lane-side stream - I don't need to go to Antarctica to have Silence . . .

Some colour on my walk, as I was walking the bridleway loop.  The wind suddenly got up and I had to snatch a chance to photograph as it dropped for a millisecond and before the leaves were thrashing again.

All the leaves are gone on all but the most stubborn oaks now.

Looking across the Towy Valley, in rather murky light, and below, a close up of the fields along the valley bottom.

This bare tree looks so beautiful.

The slightly pink hue on some of the trees show that these are Alders, putting out tiny catkins.

This is one of the valley neighbours.  It turns out he was cutting holly (without berries) for his wife to make a Christmas wreath for the church.  I helped her carry the branches back.

The lane ahead and below, the plants still growing in the wet ditch.

Looking up the valley.  The dark clump of trees hide the farmhouse where my son's best friend grew up.

The lane ahead.

Bramble leaves still hold their autumn colour.

Looking across the valley again, above and below.

Some slightly blurry photos of holly berries and the river.

Just off to bed now - having had a tussel to get a bat out of my daughter's bedroom (great screaming alerted us!)  I "think" it went out of my - opened - office window, but have just heard scrabbling, so perhaps it's hanging on a curtain still . . .  We'll find out in the morning.  Meanwhile I shall shut it in!

Friday, 22 November 2019

A day out

Yup - yesterday we were over this way again - Hay Bluff in the distance.  We had to go to Hay (to chat to the agent handling the sale of the house we like), and to view a house a bit further over.  If I am honest, it felt much too far over, but hey ho, we needed to check it out as it offered what we needed.

We had lunch in Hay (nothing fancy, but tasty, well cooked and sensibly priced), chatted to a few friends and I had a lovely serendipitous conversation with a young man selling fruit and vegetables on the market and we were getting very excited over Heritage Apples!  I bought some Ashmead's Kernel apples from him and they are DIVINE.  This is one (along with Pitmaston Pineapple) that I am definitely going to plant when we move . . .  Not that I will live to see that much of a harvest but someone will benefit.

However, despite its age, character, size and brilliant outbuildings, the house was absolutely hemmed in by other properties which impinged on the privacy considerably.  Work needed doing to upgrade it too (as in central heating would be nice!) and the price was set in stone, so it's off the possibles list.

It was a late viewing and darkness fell as we were driving back  and then it began to rain, so all in all we were very glad to get home, and not be blinded by other people's headlights.

I didn't sleep well - I was too hot and my mind was busy from all the driving, and the day's events, and because we are still waiting to hear whether we might be included in the list for a 2nd viewing from the people who viewed on Sunday.

Tam's stuff is still strewn through the house and I am not allowed to put it away as she won't know where things are then.

The mahogany wardrobe which had to leave her bedroom to make room for her hanging clothes rail, is going to have to be broken up because the door from it (which ended up in a stable - don't ask why!) is damaged where the hanging pin is and so no good now.  Still, we have found a new home for the single bed we need to get rid of, and will phone the British Heart Foundation shop to come and collect the other wardrobe we no longer need.    That will be progress.  I have also put another 25 books in a box to go to charity.

Tam is pushing me to get rid of "most" of my books but then she isn't attached to them as I am.  Many cost good money (even second hand) and they form parts of several different collections which I have put together over a lifetime.  She doesn't know what a big ask it is to just ditch them - my treasured old friends.  I will try and get rid of as many books I can bear to part with, 'onest Injun. . .

Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Wednesday - in which I leave my brain on the pillow

Tam and I went into Llandeilo this morning, to take umpteen bags of "stuff" to the Green Charity Shop.  Tam said she had a feeling it shut on a Wednesday, and she was right.  Anyway, we had a wander round the Charity shops, and went to the lovely kitchen shop, Peppercorn.  I pounced on some dried Habanero chillis which I wanted for a preserves recipe I had copied down from a cookery programme on tv last Saturday morning.  Then I couldn't resist a set of ever-decreasing star cookie cutters - they were only £6.35 so didn't break the bank and will certainly see me out!

We also went into the lovely shop Cloth, Paper, Stitch which specialises in selling (or repurposing) old and vintage craft materials and selling some new ones too.  Do go to the link above, as it shows you what a lovely shop it is.  I bought a skein of 1950s red heavy embroidery floss - just the colour for Christmas crafting.  We fell into conversation with the owner, admiring some little hand-made and embroidered cottages and trees she had made. (Photos of them on the link I put above).  I mentioned I had some craft things to go to the charity shop, but it was shut, and she said she would be delighted to have them and could even give me a little something towards them, but I said that as I had been happy to give them to the Charity shop,  I would give them to her and be even happier.  She was delighted with the four bagfulls I had sorted out that morning (I emptied an entire BIG painted tin trunk of wool and craft bits and the other bags for the charity shop were full of old curtains, home-made bed throws etc and emptied another coffer and will be handed over tomorrow.)  She gave me a loyalty card to spend at the shop with a £5 spend on it, bless her.

This afternoon was my Patchwork class, and it was lovely to meet up with my friends there again.  My brain was just NOT tuned in though (I reckon it was left on my pillow this morning) and everything I sewed I did wrong, and even when I was unpicking at the end, I unpicked the wrong blooming bit!  Yeesh - I need to work on that at home I think.

The squirrel photos were taken at the beginning of the month when this chap (a regular in the yard and the trees nearby) thought he would check out the top of the cart shed . . .

Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Catch up time again

I have (finally) completed a couple of hand-sewn projects this week.  One is a gift so I can't share it yet, but this hexi piece is a table runner.  I just have to cut out the backing for it and sew it in place.  

We have a fault with the broadband at the moment, hence not posting as it takes forever to load a photograph.  BT are meant to be coming out today or tomorrow to fix it.  

However, we had a viewing on Sunday and they loved the house.  Everyone does, but no-one's bought it yet . . .  We are on a short-list of what sounds like 5 houses.  I'm not holding my breath as hope is just too painful . . .

We're going to look at another possible property this week, a period property, although it's further out than we'd like but has a range of excellent outbuildings for storage.  Unless we stay in Wales, we can only afford a semi (which this is) or something hopelessly too small.

Meanwhile, I need to carry on trying to find homes for empty suitcases and full boxes as Tam has returned home with all her belongings . . .

Anyway, a couple of recipes for you to try.