Sunday 30 September 2018

A couple of car boot sale gems.

Mr Donkey and Mrs Wabbit were from this morning's car boot sale. His legs are a bit gammy so he's a Wonky Donkey!  I had to do some stitching to put his bridle back together and fasten his girth which was hanging loose and a moth-nibble on the elbow had to be fixed too (NOT easy as saddle in the way and that leg well-stuffed.

Mrs Rabbit just had her pinny washed and ironed.

I bought this patriotic WW1 embroidery yesterday.  Never seen anything quite like it before and it has lasted well.  Note British and Australian flags.

Finally, this arrived today, along with the Firestick to replace the broken one.  When I found the latest Barbara Erskine book offered on Amazon at half the price it is in the shops there was no ethical debate.  Sorry bookshops . . . have to go for value for money.  I finished re-reading Barbara Erskine's "Kingdom of Shadows" yesterday.  If you've not read it for a bit (or not read it at all), it's a brilliant story.

All I want to do is to settle down and read, as I'm tired after a very bad night's sleep and an early start this morning, then cake baking for about 2 hours.  However, I need to crack on with redecorating our bedroom . . .

Saturday 29 September 2018

Finally, back to Scolton Manor

Some lovely family photos of the children of the house.

Where Baby slept . . .

A display of foreign dolls - I can remember children collecting ones similar to these when I was small.

The Nursery, which had a lovely atmosphere.

I couldn't get close enough to see the title of this painting, but I have to tell you it must have frightened the kids to death!  That is a Seriously Bad Horsey indeed!!  About to plunge headlong into the watery abyss with his Princess!  She should have shortened her reins a bit I think . . .

Another corner of the Nursery.

Lovely half-tester bed with a stunning embroidered bedspread.  SUCH skill.

Some of the jewellery from My Lady's bedroom.

Another of the bedrooms.

These look like wild boar tusks.  Probably killed in India ("pig sticking")since this was a military family.

I thought this might be a Golden Tanager, but no . . .  Any ID welcome.

I'm pretty sure this is a Nightjar, also known as a Goatsucker as folk myths said that it sucked milk from goats.

Thursday 27 September 2018

St Ishmael's and a stroll on the Ferryside beach

I'll start with a pretty reflective photo taken from the beach at Ferryside today (in wonderful sunshine!) of  Llansteffan, the other side of the River Towy.  I liked the way the big white house on the hill reflected in the puddley-sand.

We started at St Ishmael's Church, between Ferryside and Llansaint. We had gone there to check out two bits of early medieval sculptured stones (lettering) which were built into the wall, but darned it we could find them!  "Low on the South Wall" is not very helpful . . .  Here are lots more photos, far better than I could take which will give you a real feel for it.  Sadly the door was locked so we couldn't go inside.  

Arrow-slits for defence?!

The stoop for Holy Water inside the tower.

Wonderful 18th C sundial at the entrance to the Tower.

Poor soul - just 14 years old and he died on Christmas Day 1830 . . .

I included this one because I thought she had a lovely surname.

Then down to the beach at Ferryside, where the sea fret was taking its time leaving.

The castle just appearing through the mists.

When we first got to the Church you couldn't see across the Estuary at all.

A better photo of Llansteffan Castle.

More Llansteffan reflections.

How's that for a lovely place to sit and read or craft?

White Egret, possibly Large.

The end of Pendine beach just coming into view.

More gratuitous reflections . . .

Finally, I was very curious as to what was going on over on Llansteffan beach and it looks like dinghies had been launched?  No sign of them anyway.

I just HAD to share this with you as it was SUCH a lovely morning.  I hope a little of the atmosphere shows in the photos.

Tuesday 25 September 2018

A short walk in the sunshine

As you will see from the fresh header, I got out up the hill today and took a new photo.  I was torn between a couple I had taken but this can have first dibs.  Gosh, the mountains look close enough to touch but are in fact about 15 miles away as the crow flies.

You will just have to enjoy the views tonight, as I've had a long day and it's nearly 8.45 and I haven't sat down to unwind yet!  Above is the view up and across our valley.

This pond was nearly empty in the summer as the farm had run water off for the cattle - the fish in it just had to make the best of the couple of feet of muddy water that was left.

My favourite view with the top of the hedge opposite in the way!

Next bit along behind Black Mountain (header photo) - these are the uplands in front of Brynamman.  To the left you can just about pick out two big stone cairns (Bronze Age).

Black Mountain again.

The two cairns and the uplands again.

A similar view!

Across the Towy Valley.

This is a new one - they are creeping nearer (wind turbines that is).

Finally, a sign of spring in autumn - the hazel catkins have already formed.