Tuesday 31 October 2023

Thank You Ruta . . . and finally photos from Malvern Flea

. . . You cracked it, and I have written down the details of how to turn photo numbers into photos. Phew.  I can now share the Malvern ones with you, and will try and find the energy to photograph my little haul later.

    I can report that Keith is MUCH brighter today and woke me by getting to the bathroom whilst I was still zzzzzzzzzzzing.  He had energy for a shower too and is now reading his paper.

    On the other hand, I thought I had turned a corner yesterday as my brain fog has finally cleared - thank heavens, as I really shouldn't have driven to Newtown with my head the way it was on Saturday, but needs must and I had the window open all the way.  I read lots of my book (On the Edge of Darkness by Barbara Erskine, a re-read and gosh I enjoyed it) and was able to actually cook a meal from scratch - just a cheat's chicken pie, using ready made puff pastry, chicken breast strips browned off and a tin of chicken soup.  I even enjoyed eating it and we have the other half for tonight.  Which is just as well, as I am wrecked again today - legs and arms like chewed string and no energy whatsoever.  I've finished my book and will continue with the Geraldine Brooke's book "Horse" which my friend Gay has kindly loaned me.  

Anyway, here's Malvern.  It seems such a long time ago now!

Bargain Hunt were doing their Christmas filming (just a little bit early!)

I had to walk myself away from this old pack saddle.  I was tempted though . . .

Stuffed Capercaillie anyone? I have to say, he's past his best and probably died of old age!

An unusual copper mould.   I wish I could have indulged myself - never seen this pattern before.

See the African throwing knife with holes in?  I knew it was a rare one and bought it for Keith (at a good price). He was over the moon with it.  I can't normally buy Militaria for him as I don't know much and so many fakes out there.  This though, is not Militaria but he likes tribal weapons.  I had a gut feeling about and I was right.  Should be worth over twice what I paid for it.

Various items here . . .

You could even buy a gipsy vardo (brand new I think).

I have a small collection of costrels (they were used to take beer or cider to the fields in harvest time, and kept cool tucked in the depths of a thick hedgerow. I was tempted by this one, but had spent a lot of money by this point, so walked away.

Contents of someone's stick stand . . .

An old hexie quilt.

You may remember I have a soft spot for Widdicombe Fair collectables.  This caught my eye, and at the price (a bargain it turns out) I thought I would enjoy it for a bit.  It dates from 1921 and when I researched it, sells at around £125!!! You will surmise correctly if you are thinking I paid VERY much less than this for it :)

Right, the sofa is calling me.  Thank youfor all your support.

Sunday 29 October 2023

Fit for Nothing


"Let's catch scruffy chicken" . . .

Morning all.  Waiting for Gabby to arrive.  I'm afraid she is going to be presented with a long list of little chores that I have absolutely NO energy to tackle.  By the time I've got Keith out of bed, to the bathroom, dressed and breakfasted, I have to lie down on the sofa pronto.  I have the tv on in the background in the hope it will lull me to sleep, but this morning's weird Sherlock Holmes meets Steam Punk with dastardly brother Moriarty flying a Phoenix type bird (and presumably operating the dinosaur in the East End of London too) was weird enough to keep  me awake.

    Keith's breathing is easier now he's on some antiobiotics that WORK (I got the GP to dispense Doxycyline which are specific to chest infections. 

    I was fortunate to be able to buy (only £35) a more lightweight wheelchair on Ebay, but then had to somehow gird my loins to drive to Newtown and back to collect it.  For the first time in my life I asked someone outside of the family for help, as I was desperate and could barely drag myself from room to room, but it wasn't convenient for her.  Well, I will never ask for her help again.  I managed, but it was totally exhausting and to concentrate on driving for an hour each way wiped me out entirely.  At least we have one upstairs, and one downstairs now - Keith can barely move at all after late afternoon so a wheelchair is essential.

    Danny went home yesterday, having been here nearly 10 days bless him.  Emma and little "I" were missing him and he them.  So now we have to shift for ourselves, but I did get him to drag the big bean bag downstairs in case for Keith to sleep on if I couldn't get him up the stairs to bed last night (somehow we managed).  I could cope if I wasn't so exhausted.  I am still forcing myself to eat - whatever I can get down so it was a bowlful of left-over curry this morning and an apple.  I have absolutely no appetite whatsoever.  Keith was eating quite well until teatime yesterday when all he could face was a piece of toast.

    Anyway, I have found the folder with the latest photos in with Danny's help, but need to get Gabby to change the display so I can actually see what the photos are, rather than them just having a number.  

    My thanks to all of you for your support.  3 weeks in, I am feeling worse than when I HAD Covid. Not much fun.  Let's hope we both improve soon.

Friday 27 October 2023

Sink or swim


A cow sitting down - this tickles me!

Danny goes home tomorrow, so after that we will have to shift for ourselves.  I have bid on a lightweight wheelchair for us to use upstairs.  It's in Newtown, about 33 miles away.  Hopefully I will be up to driving up there to collect it.  I am brewing a chest infection though and feel exhausted and just want to nap on the sofa.   I have booked a phone call with the GP for this morning - they won't give me an appt. until I have had two negative tests, but I'm not wasting the ones we have here.  

I had my phone call with a lovely Dr in Cardiology this morning too, following my ECG that I had in the Surgery a few months back.  It automatically flags up anything the machine thinks needs further checking.  In my case it is apparently perfectly normal and my low pulse (between 40 and 50) shows it is normal and I am quite fit.  So that was all very reassuring and another P.H.E.W. moment from that.

Keith has just choked a bit on some cheese on toast, so I need to stay on alert with him.  I am on alert all night long too, leaping out of bed if I hear him breathing badly. He made me remove the wedge pillow which had him propped up better.  

Once the GP has phoned, I can have a lie-down on the sofa again.  Tea tonight is Pukka steak pies as cooking is not something I am warming to right now.  We have wasted so much food in the last 10 days - I am still having to force food down but my weight is still that nearly half a stone lower that I hit after 4 days of not eating.  I would like to lose a further stone.  I heated up the last 1/3 of a little individual pie dish of Cottage Pie that Danny made on Monday.  I didn't enjoy it, but I have to eat something.

Chocolate bars and anything sweet are history now, so is alcohol. No nibbling between meals, although I have had a few poppy seed biscuits in the evening - my body needs a little salt I expect.

Have a lovely weekend everyone. I am hoping Danny will be able to check my computer today and sort my photo storage out.

Wednesday 25 October 2023

A minor miracle

 I woke this morning to hear Keith making his way to the bathroom - on foot. The anti-virals had kicked in and kicked Covid into the long grass.  P.H.E.W.  You cannot begin to imagine my relief (his too!) as there was a date with a hospital bed being arranged, as no way could I deal with him unable to walk and so poorly, once Danny went home.  Now we can both sit quietly and begin to heal and Danny can have an easy day especially as tea tonight is the 2nd half of last night's mini cottage pies for D&I, and cottage pie puff pastries for Keith, plus two in the freezer.  

Today we can relax and start to heal.

Update: I dozed on the sofa half the morning - it felt miraculous to just lie there, and not be worrying myself witless all day long or have to try and arrange things as I have been doing for hours each day.  I managed to get down the town to post off very important documents, go to the butchers for bacon and some garlic and butter chicken kebabs for Danny and I to have for tomorrow night's meal.  Keith will have fish, his favourite.  I confess I am absolutely exhausted, having hung on to so much tension for so long.  Even in my sleep I was sleeping-aware and leaping out of bed the moment I heard Keith's breathing change.  

This afternoon we watched Escape to the Country, which was an interesting one as they had four totally different properties on offer and then caught up with Celebrity Race Across the World, which was very good.  Now Keith is on the antiques programmes and I've come out to do the Popty-Ping (Microwave) tea of last night's tasty offerings.

Thank you all for keeping in touch and I will hopefully be able to catch up on answering comments in the morning.

Monday 23 October 2023

. . . and THEN there was a cat fight!

 Gosh, we've been put to the test here this past couple of days, dealing with Keith having Covid, being barely mobile and his poor body rigid because the PD drugs don't work well in these situations.  His breathing has been awful and you can hear the gunk in his lungs.  I spent three hours solid on the phone yesterday making back to back calls to all the relevant authorities, trying to set everything in motion to cover for when Danny goes back to Emma and "I" at the weekend.  Well, I got it all accomplished, but was nearly witless and gibbering at the end of it and had to go and lie on the sofa for a bit.  O.M.G. - the bliss of just stretching out and letting go of some of that tension. . . .  It seems my organizational skills haven't totally left me - I was once in charge of organizing a Royal Visit for a company to receive the Queen's Award for Industry, everything from marquees, tables, food, booze, glasses, Royal Towels and Loo Rolls upwards.  It was a very grand occasion . . .

I had to deal with a most unhelpful receptionist at the surgery in the morning - fortunately the capable lass was there in the afternoon when I went in for K's prescription - we're pals because she loves hearing about my kittens and a little waif and stray came her way, so we compare notes!  She is SO helpful.  Then Dan and I had to drive to Llandod to collect the anti-virals for Keith, and I sent Danny into Aldi with a short shopping list.  Keith's had his first lot of anti-virals and I think they will be a game-changer as his breathing was certainly better overnight.

Having slept almost right through the previous night - unheard of - from exhaustion, last night I was tossing and turning again, as I had a stressful evening even after getting Keith up to bed - which Danny mostly dealt with.  When I came down, Danny soon followed me and ran to the front door, telling me there was a hundinger of a cat fight out there.  L. Whale shot in but Alfie was in the fray.  Dan went into the orchard with a torch, and said that Alfie was out there with a dark cat with a big white face, but to his surprise they were sat beside one another!  What was THAT all about?  They had had a heck of a fight - a heavy ceramic planter knocked over, a small empty one smashed.  Then half an hour later I couldn't find Lulu anywhere and my nerves were already totally overwrought and I got my knickers in a twist thinking she had escaped when we went after Alfie.  Fortunately she turned up under Danny's bed.  No wonder I couldn't sleep well as my nerves were tight as piano strings.  

I clocked up nearly 10K steps on Sunday and over 12K yesterday - so much for ANY rest at all.  I am truly bone weary and just want to do nothing, but I dare say there will be phone calls here today from ASSIST and the Physio dept (latter deal with hospital beds etc) and perhaps a visit, so I will have to do housework.

Thank God for my absolute Hero of a son, caring daughter-in-law to be, and the rest of the family.  Gabby is coming up this weekend.  

A positive from yesterday, as my beautiful new Bourbon rose, Gypsy Boy, arrived from Trevor White Roses (a cat flap delivery!!)  I have got it standing in a bucket of water for the moment but will get Danny to help me plant it before he goes home.  Being a Bourbon rose, this will have a terrific perfume.

Photo courtesy of Trevor White Roses (which I can highly recommend).  Prices are good and very efficient with orders.  I have used them several times.

Right, I was up early.  I've had a bath, and will wash my hair later and perhaps feel a bit brighter then.  Thank you all for your kind comments, which really help. Onwards and upwards.


Stormy skies at Malvern.

    So much for resting yesterday.  It was a marathon.  Followed by another marathon.  Parkinsons meds don't work when you have an infection.  Keith was stalwart and wanted to be downstairs but was tottering, needless to say.  Things came to a head at teatime when he needed to go upstairs to the bathroom and couldn't get there, but it was dealt with (we had a Commode here from January when they all swung into action as he was bad then).  I will spare you details but my son is a blardy HERO, for supporting Keith about the house, lifting him into bed - hell, practically carrying him there.  Keith for once, drank and drank and drank, but of course that was offset by the Covid so no huge benefit.  He needed the glass held to his mouth but swallowed well.  He must have had 4 1/2 pints water, plus tea etc.  His appetite remained good too.

    Today everything will have to be put in place for Carers, hospital bed etc.  I've left a message for the Parkinsons nurse, saying we need the hospital bed pronto. I have spoken to 111 and got a message through to the Covid Team for anti-virals.  I need to speak to the GPs shortly and then arrange for the Domicilliary service to be involved (carers) full time.  Danny cannot stay here permanently and needs to go home to his little family.  Emma and "I" went home yesterday and I managed to drive them to pick up their bus connection.  I have a list of phone calls to make . . . and yet all I want to do is lay down on the sofa and let it all wash over me.  No chance of that.

    T & J popped over to bring Keith's anti-biotics - Aberystwyth and Newtown are the only Welsh Boots shops which open on a Sunday - and to drop some stuff off for storage.  They move into their new home in the next few weeks.  We all wore masks and kept 6 feet apart.

    Right, need to go up to Keith and then start the round of phone calls.

    Updated to say off to pick up anti-mucous meds prescription shortly (meds gone on order for tomorrow though) and then Llandod at 5 with Danny to pick up anti-virals for Keith. P.H.E.W.

Sunday 22 October 2023

This morning's update and an extra one

 The Covid has of course gone straight to Keith's chest.  His peak flow is only 200 at the best of times and he struggles to blow his nose, let enough cough up gunk.  I am going to get out the anti-pneumonia pillow we bought earlier in the year to prop him up higher in bed.  He wouldn't have it when I got it -  "uncomfortable" - but he's blardy well going to use it now as he sleeps absolutely flat.

I have phoned 111 and am waiting to hear back from the OOH GP.  (Now spoken to a lovely GP from ShropDoc, who has put Keith on antibiotics - we had two leftover from his last UTI dose as we didn't take them as his urine test came back non-infection.  However, Tam was on her way here from Aber, and we had to phone her and say turn around, the prescription will be in Boots Aberyswyth.  So half an hour into the journey, she turned around.  Then we got another phone call - it wouldn't be ready until 1 p.m.!  Poor girl, I hated messing her around.

Once again, only about 4 hours sleep - still awake at midnight (worrying) and then every noise from his room woke me up.  I was up and down here in the night and then back down before 7.  Danny, bless him, is dealing with dad up there now.  I am going to try and get a bath this morning - first since I became ill though I have washed, honest!  I thought I was feeling better (in bed) but the moment I move around I am in a muck sweat again and not feeling at all chipper.

In the morning I shall be straight onto the Parkinsons nurse, as Daniel (Physio) mentioned a Hospital bed, so will try and expediate that.  She was talking about it last week so it's obviously it's noted. I will also mention the Hoist.  Keith wanted help to sit up in bed last night and that did my hip/Sciatic nerve again.  Dead pulls are not good at my age.

Sorry, no replies to personals.  But I love hearing from you all.

My gardener turned up this morning, so I had to say "COVID!" under cover of my teeshirt and I just told him to get on with it.  He's on the bottom triangle now with the brush strimmer.  Normally I send him home with a piece of cake but there's been no cake cooked THIS week!

Saturday 21 October 2023

Your kind comments have made me cry . . . and UPDATE


Alfie, who has been a big cowardy custard!

Keith has just tested positive for Covid.  I am not surprised - difficult to avoid it when I am his carer - I can't do that from 6 feet away or in a different room.  Just phoned 111 and am waiting to hear what will happen next (Clinician will phone).  Saying prayers here, and so glad I have moral and practical support from Danny and Emma.

I've been sleeping so badly, this has settled on my stomach and I'm feeling so sick (and have been).  My legs are so wobbly and although the head cold bit was negligible it's all the extras!  I had to wake Danny in the night to come and help me with Keith as he was on the edge of the bed and slipping off and no way could I help him move.  Just trying had me in a muck sweat and I had to dash to the loo in case I was sick. We need to do something Heath Robinson about that pronto.  There's a beam over the bed so we need to attach a rope or something to that to haul himself up with.

The cats have done their usual "Stranger Danger" act (although the big boys grew up with Danny at home!) and Lulu has been hiding in the sofa.  Pippi is a lot more confident and walking about with Iarna here, so that's progress.  At one point they shot out the cat flap late afternoon so I was worried about them not coming in, but when it rained a bit harder, they did.  Big Boys didn't come in until 1.30 a.m. when I came down to see if they were about (still raining).  Where I had a dreadful earache in my left ear I'm still pretty deaf in it (my working ear that is!)  and I kept thinking I was hearing pitiful miouws outside (Alfie, who is the more anxious of the boys).  Needless to say, that stopped me sleeping. I didn't work out whether it was the ear playing up or Alfie actually saying let me in.

Just forcing down a handful of cornflakes but even those are making me feel nauseous.  Enjoy your weekend my friends.

Friday 20 October 2023

Still poorly

 Thank you everyone for all your kind comments.  I could feel worse I guess, but I am looking forward to being better!  I spent all of yesterday asleep on the sofa, and with no appetite, had only a banana and an apple all day.  Danny and Emma arrive today on a rescue mission, bless them.  Praying Keith doesn't get this.

Wednesday 18 October 2023


 I have a cold - hopefully not Covid, but will test later on.  Have been laid on the sofa all afternoon - once our gardener left after taking the brush strimmer to the paddock.  I had the still-warm electric lounging blanket draped over me and woke up to Pippi being a little radiator on my feet.  I didn't want to move at all.  I hope I don't pass this on to Keith.

Meanwhile - still no photos.  I can access the latest, but not download them anywhere . . .

Deep joy - it IS Covid.  Let's hope that I haven't passed it on to Keith already . . .

Sunday 15 October 2023

Malvern and First Frost!

 I couldn't believe my eyes when I went out to the car to leave at 6 a.m. for Malvern Flea this morning and found out we'd had a sharp frost overnight and the windscreen needed the heater on it and a good scraping off, so I was late leaving.

    I'd put a soft breakfast out for Keith, plus a big thermal travel mug of tea, and everything he might need whilst I was away.  This was necessary as Danny had to stay back at home as he'd been out for a drink with a mate the night before, and found out his mate's friend had Covid . . . We didn't want to risk having him stay after that.

    I have uploaded photos BUT since I have started putting them in folders, I cannot find them.  Or rather, I can find some of last month's I put in folders but not since.  Will have to get an offspring to help me . . .

    However, I had a brilliant time at Malvern today - found some lovely things at sensible prices.  I will put up photos when I have discovered where I'm going wrong in saving them.  I never had any problem until Cloud came along . . .

    I got Keith a special African knife of a design I had a hunch about and he is delighted, as we have done research since my return and attributed it to a specific tribe and discovered it's value.  Ditto the antique saddle of foreign extraction which turns out to be mid 1800s Moghul warrior's, embellished with decorated brass panels.  It had apparently been sold in auction as a saddle for a Goat!!

    The 1921 print of the story of Widdicombe Fair which I couldn't resist, is also fairly rare and desirable.  I shall enjoy it in my Widdicombe corner until next year.  Various kitchenalia bits also came my way, and a lovely little nightlight in the form of a hand-crafted ceramic caravan - SO pretty.  Oh, and a painted Indian side table/storage box which I shall have to hide from the kittens, lest they use it to strop their claws on.  

    My gardener has been busy - cutting the front hedge yesterday (just the sides, as the farm cut the top for me) and today he turned up and cut the lawn, as it was a dry day.  I am borrowing a heavy duty brush strimmer from a neighbour of Pam's and he's bringing it round tomorrow for G to then do the orchard and the front triangle for me - both get very overgrown in the summer months.

    I left a note for the Parkinsons nurse on Friday - she is phoning on Thursday, but I had a couple of queries for her and suggested a medicine that the GP had named, for one of Keith's Parkinsons' problems.  Being on Antibiotics still seems to make him grind to a halt about 3 p.m. in the afternoon and walking becomes increasingly difficult after that.  We hope it is just temporary and not a worsening of the condition.

    Yesterday Keith told me to have a couple of hours off at Tretower - it was the Living History folk in the 14th C this time and he knew I wanted to go.  I enjoyed chatting to everyone and once again, it was suggested I made myself a suitable outfit and join them (a different member asked this time).  I explained it wasn't straight-forward but if I can get respite cover for Keith . . .

    I hope you have all had an enjoyable weekend - the sun has been out all day here. Long may it last.

Thursday 12 October 2023

St Mary's Church, Pembridge


HERE is a good page about the history.  Sorry - too tired to look for it/post it last night.  "I'm sorry" seem to be the words I speak more than anything to Keith these days.

A lovely early font dating from the 13th C.

There are a series of 12 lovely embroideries (called tapestries though) which show the history of the village down the centuries.  Very skilfully and lovingly sewn.

Stunning carvings on the pulpit.  These date to the Restoration period, around 1660.

Goar family memorials. They were very important folk when the Mortimers were holding sway here.

Mason's marks - just one of many.

Superb wall memorials too.

Well, this has taken me all day, on and off and apologies for the lack of information, but I'm very tired today.  There have also been Distractions . . . Kitten-cats with rodents, Openreach calling to tell us our loss of phone/broadband yesterday was down to the hedge-trimmer cutting the line in half . . . which is why you didn't hear from me yesterday.  Then Flu jabs this afternoon - at least that's one thing out of the way. The receptionist was on the ball, saw it was us and we were about to unload Keith into his wheelchair, and said she'd send the nurse out, so we had ours in the car park!   I have my Covid jab next week, but Keith's not heard about having one yet.  Our evening meal is nearly ready - steaks cooked in the slow cooker, veg and home-made chips.

Kitten-cats have had another rodent - last seen legging it under the dresser, but now apparently mislaid . . .

After our meal I am going to check out the H E Bulstrode book about people's personal ghost stories which I downloaded to my Kindle yesterday.  I follow him on Facebook and he is always writing really interesting snippets of folk lore and history with a ghostly side to them.  He is very thorough with his research.

Nighty night.

Tuesday 10 October 2023

Back in the morning

 We've had a lovely weekend with T&J here, and now are playing catch-up.  K has another UTI so back to the Dr's and he's on ab's again. T&J's first house is gradually getting closer to happening, so keep your fingers x'd it all goes to plan.

No trouble getting kitten cats in LAST night.  At just gone half past five, Pippi marched into the living room and gave a very loud Siamese yowl which clearly meant "I'm BACK - why didn't you come looking for me?!!!"  Aren't they funny?

Just off for my bath now and then I will do 10 mins Yoga as I lifted a sack of fresh cat litter into my trolley at B&M Bargains today and promptly had my Sciatica return.

Sunday 8 October 2023

Naughty kitten cats playing games!


In a butter-wouldn't-melt moment (fast forward 3 seconds!!). . .  Last time T and J were here they led us a right dance at bed-time, hiding under beds, changing bedrooms, disappearing and they kept this up for half an hour at bed-time.

    Yesterday they upped the ante, and did the hide-and-seek OUTSIDE, waiting until it was getting dark - normally they're not allowed out after 5.30 ish, but both happened to be still out as it had been a nice warm day.  Pippi would NOT come when called.  Lulu hid under our car but being gullible about food, was finally tempted out.  Phew, One down, One to go . . .  At 6.30 ish I went out (in desperation - my anxiety levels are still very high and kittens are like children - they make you vulnerable) to do some paddock gardening, in the hope that Pippi would come out of hiding.  Indeed she did, leaping over the brambles and long grass and yelling, "here I am, have you missed me?" but when I tried to lure her inside, she was gone again.  Tam found her on the fence out of reach behind some Rhododendrons.  Obviously she wanted to be the Centre of Attention Top Cat and succeeded - imagine my dismay when Lulu, who has only been brave enough to do the cat flap in the past week, suddenly noticed an open door and shot through the cat flap and under the car again.

    We tried bits of food, the schooling whip "lure" (Lulu loves it), but no joy.  Then Pippi came down into the yard and I went inside hoping they would give up, and finally they did.  Oh my goodness, is it any wonder I have blood pressure which isn't as low as it should be? In the evening Pippi came and sat on my lap (something she rarely does) and was very loving and attentive.  Little ratbag!

    We are shortly going for a walk near Erwood, to make the most of this beautiful autumn sunshine.  I am tired as several nights this week I have slept very badly and been awake about 3 hours in the wee small hours.  Hopefully I will unwind tonight.

Here is a happy kitten tonight, doing her upside-down routine!

I hope everyone's been enjoying this sunshine, and if you live in Scotland, haven't floated away.

Saturday 7 October 2023

A family weekend again


The lovely old market building at Pembridge (with the pub behind it).  Apparently this was probably had an upper floor in the past.

    Thank you for all your kind comments, which have really helped me.  I have had lovely chats with friends (thanks for phoning, Little Lin) and am happy for life just to be a normal routine at the moment.  In the last week all our kids have been visiting/staying and that's been lovely too, plus good news for two of them about new-to-them jobs.  

    Tam and J are here for the weekend and planning to go to the Autumn Festival on the showground.  I'm not sure if I'm going with them, or whether Keith will be physically up to going to the little Antiques Fair at Llandeilo.  He wants to, but is brewing another bout of that UTI . . .

    Yesterday was a busy day as I went grocery shopping in Llandod in the morning.  I had a wander round the charity shops and got a floor puzzle of counting and numbers for "I" to play with when she comes here and a beautiful green cellular blanket for £5. Dunelm sell them for £32! It's been in the wash and is on my bed already.  It reminds me of the colour of Silver Birch leaves just as they unfurl in early spring.

    Then it was local massage lass time, and she went away with apple baking recipes as she has run out of ideas - in return I get some of the overload of apples she is given!  As she is also a beautician I am going to get my eyebrows (almost non-existent in colour) tinted next time.  I am useless with the eyebrow pencil and can guarantee that I don't have matching eyebrows very often!!

    Then I made a chilli for tea for T&J and baked a Chocolate Apple Cake and used up 3 VERY ripe bananas in a Banana Cake.  Today I'm going to make Apple Dappy for pudding.

    I went to Hay (market day) on Thursday as I wanted some Heritage apples for the fruit bowl (Ribston Pippins came home with me - another tree on the Wanted List for the orchard).  I treated Keith and I to open Danish apple type tarts, laced with icing and got one of the excellent deep Steak and Kidney pies from the butcher which will do us two meals.  I saw our good friend Rob, who knows us well, and he gave very wise advice and said to look on Tuesday's scare as having given us some positives - I know how to cope with a choking episode in future and I didn't panic, and I know to cook bacon to destruction in future too :)  He also said I had to carry on as normal as it would help no-one if I never left the house because of being frightened it could happen when I was away.  There were more words along those lines and he made good sense.  Someone (family or me) will have to be there at meal times but I need to carry on having a few hours off each week for my sanity.

    I resisted temptation to buy books but did buy some felt squares for a project I've been wanting to do for a while (I MUST take myself to task with craftwork I'd like to do/need to finish).  They had the nice blended mix of muted colours I wanted. 

Just look at that chimney stack (on the pub).  Inglenook inside for sure.

Enjoy your weekend all.