Thursday 17 February 2011

Life gets in the way

This is flowering again, and I still can't remember what it is! These pretty flowers are followed by gigantic leaves.

I have had a partly-written piece about our visit to the Pre-Raphaelite Exhibition on the back burner all week and STILL haven't had time to finish it. I will, have faith.

I have had a busy week, one way or another, but am glad to say that spring is definitely putting in an appearance - heck, I even got out in the garden yesterday, and what's more, TOOK MY FLEECE OFF! Gosh, 5 layers instead of 6 . . .

I spent two hours tidying up down in what was my mum's little patio garden. When I ripped off the sodden dead leaves of the irises, there were cheerful little green shoots pushing up through the soil. I cleared away 3 whole wheelbarrowfulls of dead leaves (mostly oak) and dug through the soil, dragging out the endless wiry grass roots which are always trying to make a return. I cut the Hydrangea back, and noticed the crisp pinky-green ruffled leaves of the Aquilegias kept snug beneath their blanket of leaves. It was SO satisfying.

Then I moved up one of my big glass cold frames into the raised bed which used to house the herbs, and has grown tomatoes in since. It is a proper hot bed as it is raised, and in a south-facing plot. I plan to start some Spring Onion seeds off in the ground beneath it today, and also some peas in pots, the sort which rot down in the soil so I don't disturb their roots when I come to plant them on.

It will probably snow next week now . . .


  1. That plant looks (and sounds) similar to one I have in my garden. Yes it's the first thing to flower every year and I guess I should be grateful to it for brightening up the first week in January. But it isn't half invasive!

    Hope all your gardening efforts pay off later in the year.

  2. It looks like Deadly Night Shade to me. But then I'm no expert on English gardens -- or any other kinds for that matter. My long ago experience was English wild flowers.

    So nice to hear of signs of spring breaking through.

  3. It's so good to get out in the garden again! Some planting, but mostly cleaning for me.

  4. Snow is forecast here for tonight!

    Is that plant pulmonaria by any chance - I can't make out the flowers but the leaf looks a bit like it.

  5. That plant tugs at something in my memory--pulmonaria it could be. I hope you'll find out and tell us.
    Gentler weather has lured me outside with less layering of woolies, but knowing that blustery days will likely return I'm hesitant to rake all the leaf cover out of the perennial beds.
    Just being outside is enough after the chill of winter. The neccesities of "life" do get in the way of what we would like to do---I always wonder if suddenly relieved of my responsibilities, would I actually settle down and produce wonderful quilts and reams of inspiring words?

  6. I hope someone is going to come up with an answer as to what this is - I remember it from last year and it looks vaguely familiar but I can't put a name to it. No gardening here today - it's snowing again!

  7. Just popping back to check on the plant name--you've got an international identity hunt going on!

  8. NOT Pulmonaria - I have that elsewhere in the garden, and it has leaves when it flowers. Not Deadly Nightshade either. I shall have to get out my big Reader's Digest book I think . . .