Sunday, 27 November 2011

A poorly pussum

A week ago today I noticed Tippy looking rather quiet and not joining in the usual bun fight at feeding time. I thought he - an inveterate hunter - had probably eaten some mousy giblet that didn't agree with him (they usually leave the rank-tasting organs of Shrews). Anyway, about 9 p.m. that night he came in from outside and was spectacularly sick (lots of mouse fur and giblets) in the kitchen. I was heaving in sympathy and darling son (bless him) offered to clean up. Tippy was yowling to come through into the sitting room, but I told him he had to stay in the kitchen in case he was sick again. The next morning he was off-colour, and not eating, but perked up a bit in the day (on the sofa), then once the vet's was shut, he went downhill and was still not eating or drinking. Wednesday saw us taking him to the vet, who gave him a anti-biotic and something-else injection, and dispensed a pussy-cat Gaviscon and more anti-biotics. She mentioned he was getting dehydrated.

We took him home, and he still looked rough. He wouldn't eat but kept asking to go out and he would go to the pond and meow pitifully, then try and drink but he didn't appear to be lapping properly. We would be out there for an hour at a time (me with a book!) as he moved from one lot of water to another. He was still weeing, and when I spoke to the vet on the Thursday she said not to worry if he didn't eat, as long as he was drinking . . .

Friday saw us back at the vet's, and this time he had to be left as he was very dehhydrated and very constipated, so poor lad had to be sedated, have an enema and be put on a drip. He was much perkier when we picked him up and picked at a bit of food (mushed up with water) and has been better over the weekend, although I hate having to give Liquid Paraffin (worried it might go down the "wrong way". Yesterday he was more or less his old self, eating properly, asked to go out in the garden for a while, but this morning he isn't quite as bright. We're due back at the vet's for a check-up anyway today. Sigh . . .

Update: he is still constipated. I have more Liquid Paraffin for him. I hope he is soon properly on the mend, as if he goes downhill again, it's back in the vet's on the drip . . .


  1. Poor Tippy. The hardest thing about pets when they are sick is that they can't tell you what's bothering them. Very worrying.

  2. Poor lad. I wonder if he has a collection of mouse bones and fur blocking his gut somewhere? Hoping that the liquid paraffin works and clears things out for him. What a worry for you and the last thing you need just now......

  3. Poor Kitty Friend ~ I sure hope he is feeling much better soon. What a bummer for him.


  4. Poor precious. Big hug for you and a gentle pat for him. Hope he's feeling better soon.

  5. This is so worrying--and so expensive. The poor things can't tell us how they feel and we can't tell them, "You have to put up with this medicating--its for your own good!"
    Ours always become wary of me after I've had to capture and do the force pills routine.
    I hope he pulls round. [What a cute and distinctive little face!] Isn't this the boy that went missing a while back?