Monday 15 April 2013

Better than jewels by far

Just a quick update before I go on to Part II of my birthday bash!  I wish it was as green along the river now, as in this photo above, but we are slowly getting there.

We had a good morning at the car boot sale yesterday, despite torrential rain, and I have to say, getting bargains is better than jewels by far to me!  I found a Karen Maitland book I'd been looking for - hardback too - Falcons of Fire and Ice; a brilliant book on Rag Rugging (all sorts of projects in there and in typical Aries fashion I want to make them ALL!).  I found a virtually brand new slow cooker for T for a couple of pounds (works well, as I tested it yesterday and made a beef casserole in it).  Then a pretty very early Victorian jug (small one) which has gone up on a beam; and half a roll of 1985 Laura Ashley material - chestnut brown with  a thin black and white stripe and oak leaves either side of the stripe.  Looks nicer than it sounds.  I also got T a 1970s round cushion with broderie anglaise edging and a crochet centre with a ribbon through.  JUST her sort of thing as she loves vintage.  My husband got plumbing bits and a cracking old Victorian axe made by Gilpins of Cannock.  I shall have to behave myself now!


  1. Cannock brought back memories BB as I lived quite near there for some years - and the lovely Cannock Chase where we used to walk.
    Glad about your sale finds - we don't have many round here and I am just not a hoarder, so would rather throw something out than collect something I am afraid.

  2. The photo is is so beautiful and I so agree beyond jewels.
    In fact both your header and today photo are fabulous.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Parsnip - sometimes the photos just come right, and tbh, those two scenes are so stunning that it would have been hard to take a BAD photo of them! The river one is, of course, our beautiful River Cothi, and the header is in the hanger woodland just above what my friend Kim call's The Poet's Rest - e.g. Edward Thomas's memorial on Shoulder of Mutton hill. The bright colour I desperately crave after so long and drab a winter, is just what I need.

    Weaver - the axe was a speculative buy and may not stay with my husband forever. I have to say I adore hunting and fossicking about at car boot sales, as I love old things and our house lends itself to being decorated with old (cracked!) "pre-loved" china etc. Books - well, a girl can never have too many, though the Karen Maitland will be passed on once I've read it. That Laura Ashley material may go to re-upholster a chair and the cushion is already on its way to T, who takes after me with her love of vintage. I've only been through the Cannock area once, but I bet the walks were lovely. We miss the New Forest still.

  4. FAR better than jewels, I completely agree. Far cheaper too. I love that photo of the river too - beautiful.

  5. You sound happy with your car boot finds:) I must confess that I've only ever been to about half a dozen car boot sales and that was as a seller when I was helping Steve and Hannah raise some funds.