Friday, 20 September 2013

River walk musings and Cats

This was the sunrise earlier this week, and yes, red sky in the morning truly was Shepherd's Warning.  I would have posted it earlier but my computer got a virus and had to go in to be fixed.  Now it is back in action AND I have got myself organized, so I will try to catch up today.

You can tell it is Autumn, as the cats want to be indoors in the warm.  Here is a rare photo of Amber (with Little Whale in the background).  Amber is an OUTSIDE cat.  She has NEVER been indoors on the sofa until this day so of course, I had to record it for posterity.  She has been fed by us for 10 or 12 years now, and used to belong to Next Door's mum, when she was still able to live at home.  When she moved out, the cats gravitated to us.  Old Snowy (father of our much-lamented Snowy, who you may remember), Amber, and Timmy, a tabby with a white bib and paws and the image of our Theo.  Old Snowy and Timmy are no longer with us.  Anyway, Amber will come indoors sometimes and wander about and see if anyone has left any grub, but she never stays long.  For some reason she stayed on the sofa all afternoon and evenin on this occasion.

After washing this foam cushion insert (from the cushion on the Chesterfield which needs repairing), we put it to dry properly over the Hergom.  It was Soon Noticed! - by Banshee.  When she vacated it, Alfie was soon up there.

And here is that miscreant, waiting his opportunity!

Meanwhile Fluff has decided she will be sleeping in Estelle's old spot on the dresser.  She is looking more and more like her mother every day, with those auburn highlights.

Anyway, I am trying to get back into the habit of walking every day again.  My husband and I had a wander down by the river.  Despite the recent rain, the tree brought to us by the river a couple of months ago is still in situ.  Firewood!

As we walked, I mulled over the last week, trying to work out why I had a sudden improvement in my breathing.  Perhaps my immune system had improved?  I am sleeping better, which makes the world of difference and gives me more energy.  The only different thing I can think of is I have stopped taking the antihistamine I have on prescription, and when my nose was streaming with a cold earlier in the week, I took half an Actifed tablet (my old not-on-prescription antihistamine).  I can't quite work out if it was the same day, but half way through Monday evening, my breathing suddenly improved radically and I didn't feel like I was suffocating any longer (from the mucous on my chest).

My husband was walking a bit faster than me, but I was not alone . . .  Igor the One-horned gave me a staring match from his hideaway by the old bothy ruins . . .  I have never seen a sheep with a mutant central horn like this!

The other ram was taking his ease.

By the old mill, the river was dashing over the narrow rock-cut chasm.

And out the other side.

No salmon leaping though . . .

Just past the Mill, it glissades over the pebbles like liquid honey.

Our favourite view, back up the river valley.  26 years ago, almost to the day, we came to view our old wreck of a house (we only viewed it the once!) and the view up here, even though it was raining, greeted us like an old friend.  It still does.

A neighbour has a collection of wonderful old cars just like this one.

He was still watching us on the way back.  With those big ears and wrinkles he reminded me of a Greater Horseshoe Bat - I think he's a Texel in real life though.

Lastly, a treat from me, to me.  Our eldest daughter arrives back home tomorrow for the week, so perhaps we can set to and make this cushion cover.  Watch this space!


  1. I've seen that book! The applique on the featured cushion is the sort I can do well--rather a folk-art effect. I hope you and Tam have the leisure to produce several during her visit. I often take elements from several patterns and combine them when making a quilt, if the sizing can be accommodated.
    That ram is most impressive. Neighbors in my childhood kept a ram to service their small flock. He 'got out' sometimes and became quite belligerent, chasing whoever had to catch him.
    Darling cats--Amber reminds me of my much-loved Mollie--I could wish to meet them in person.

  2. My dear, I wish you could meet them in person too (and me yours, especially those cheeky boys!) I thought the book looked my sort of thing when I viewed it on Amazon, and my finger just slipped on the buying key! I hope Tam and I can have a couple of days sewing together - that would be so relaxing.

    Not sure on the temperament of these two rams if loose, but they were on our top field for a while, and seemed laid back then.

  3. Your river is beautiful, as are Amber's eyes - so piercing. Your unicorn sheep made me laugh a lot!

  4. So glad you are feeling better. Love your neighbour's car! Hope you have a lovely time next week.

  5. Beautiful river walk. I have not seen lots of sheep up close but on many blogs and theat is the strangest sheep I have ever seen.

    cheers, parsnip

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