Monday, 24 March 2014

Florence - part 1

Our flight was from Bristol airport to Pisa, and of course we had to take advantage of this fact, and go and see the Leaning Tower.  It was quite impressive!!!  It is actually a free-standing belltower (or campanile) and its tilt began in the early stages of being built, when they discovered that the foundation being inadequate on one side, and built on sinking ground to boot.  Over the centuries it was partly-stablized, although it wasn't until the 20th and 21st centuries that it was finally stablized properly and the lean lessened.  At its worst it leaned 5.5 degrees, but now is at 3.99.  Work began on it in 1173!  but the 7th floor not completed until 1319.

It looks almost straight here, but when you see it against other buildings the lean looks unsafe!

This is the wonderful Pisa Baptistry.

And of course, Pisa cathedral.  Unfortunately we didn't have time to go inside either building.  (I will try and add more details tomorrow.)

One of the residents . . .

This stunning building was on the way back to catch the bus.

Over the doorway of one Medieval building was this beautiful wooden carving of Madonna and child.

Back with more tomorrow.


  1. Ah, now, I've been waiting for this post! GORGEOUS header photo- the details and the light on the building is beautiful, and all the shots of the leaning tower are marvellous. More, please! x

  2. C/Tales - I daresay you may get your wish on that score!! Wasn't I lucky with the light on the Duomo in that heading picture. If I were you, I'd start packing straight away! I'v'e wanted to go to Florence ever since I fell in love with aged 18 or so, and although it's taken a while, it was worth the wait!

  3. What a wonderful start to your holiday - Pisa!
    You obviously squeezed the most out of every minute. Can you go up the leaning tower now or is the lean too dangerous? I remember sitting underneath on the grass while my Dad went up to the top, many moons ago!

    We were following the weather while you were in Florence and it`s good to see that the blue skies were there as a backdrop. That is a great photo of Il Duomo with the sun catching the walls. Awe inspiring!

    Looking forward to more and hope you feel better this morning.

  4. Fabulous header photo, you can feel the excitement of visiting from here ;) Was it live that 'pig' creature?

  5. So pleased you're back and what a lovely walk down memory lane for me. I used to fly into Pisa to visit my friend whose parents had a house in Tuscany. The Tower looks like it's had a LOT of work done on it since then. There was scaffolding as I recall. A lovely set of pictures which says what a great time you had! The Baptistery is looking a bit wonky too! x

  6. What a fabulous header photo BB. Stunning. Lovely light and great detail. I've been to Italy several times but never made Florence. You're kindling the wanderlust in me damn you woman!
    Hope to hear - and see a bit more soon?

  7. DW - I think you can go up the Leaning Tower, but we had no time to find out! How lovely to have been there with your parents - happy memories. We were SO lucky with the weather - 23 or 24 deg. Thursday, but it meant "bad air" on the Friday - we could see a sort of "heat haze/fug" from Fiesole.

    thelma - I am glad to say that the wild boar was very . . . stuffed. I have a thing about taxidermy - the worst the better! - after Tam put me onto a Bad Taxidermy site! We see quite a bit of it in our Fleamarket travels : )

    Em - how lovely to go to Pisa and then onto Tuscany proper to see your friend. They have put huge lead weights (instead of the stonework) on one side to balance out the lean. I belief it is "safe" again now. I think the wonkeyness of the Baptistry was more due to my poor camera action!

    Al - great to see you again. Some of the photos turned out well - others, erm, I think the "camera shake" symbol must have been in evidence! You will HAVE to go to Florence now, as it is AMAZING. More to follow, never fear.

  8. I really love your new header photo - really stunning. Great photos of Pisa - what an amazing place :) Look forward to hearing more of your holiday and seeing more pictures :)

  9. Glaad you like it RR - ONE turned out well anyway!

  10. Sorry, I'm reading your posts backwards from latest to first as I'm having a rest and a catch-up. Just lovely to see all these beautiful buildings.