Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Penllegaer Part 3

I have to say, the weather has NOT improved in the past week, so I am so glad that we grabbed the day to enjoy this walk.  It is MUCH colder now and time for lots of layers : )

A GOOD water photo : )  I love the way it glissades over the weir like it's been Brylcreamed!

This is at the far end of the Penllegaer estate, and is where one of the mills in the valley was situated.  The grey stone building to the left was probably the mill and the white house, where the mill-owner lived.

Amazingly, this used to be the main road from Swansea into Carmarthen.  It doesn't take long to get overgrown.  I can't remember how long it has been out of commission, but probably 30 years or so?

Looking back beyond the blocking log, you can see it looks more like the road it once was.  It was apparently the old turnpike/coaching road from Swansea to Carmarthen.

Sunlight and water reflections under the bridge.  So peaceful.

We walked back along the old 1830s coach road to the house (demolished in the 1960s I think).  Fields had become overgrown but were a haven for wildlife.

I've always loved Silver Birches.  We used to have a big one at the side of our garden, and I can remember peeling the bark off.  They are so graceful.

The ruins of one of the estate houses.

I was trying to capture the light on the upper branches of these trees . . .

Just imagine driving up through here 150 or more years ago . . .

Back to the top lake, where I saw the vibrant flash of a Kingfisher.  Just the spot for them. So lovely.


  1. What a lovely walk - although the weather is crisp I do not mind as long as the sunshines and the skies are blue as they are on your photos.

  2. Hello Rosemary. It was chilly first thing, but when the sun came through, really quite warm. Unlike today!

  3. Beautiful photographs BB - and lovely to look at them when the forecast for up here tomorrow is absolutely dreadful with gales.

  4. We get those gales on Friday I think Pat - when we were meant to be going to an auction 45 miles away!

  5. Fabulous photos, was it really as bad as they predicted the weather? it did not really get down to Essex..