Monday, 30 January 2017

RSPB Great Garden Bird Watch

There should be a photo of a Goldfinch here.  Only by the time I got my camera out, they had buzzed off.  My fault for topping up the feeders and then counting them for an hour, by which time they were stuffed to the gills and had gone to burp in a tree somewhere.  As I had counted 19 earlier, this was a severe avian V-sign!  Just spotted one out there, so here it is:

So, my RSPB Great Garden Birdcount got the following results:

It is Goldfinch and Siskin central (not that the RSPB were counting Siskins):

Goldfinches       19
Siskins                 6
Chaffinches         6
Robins                 3
Blackbirds           2
Sparrows (House)   3
Blue Tits              7
Great Tits             6
Nuthatch              1
Dunnock              1
Coal Tit                1
Willor or Marsh Tit    2
Magpie                 1

No sign of the Greater Spotted Woodpecker who regularly visits, or the Jay (ditto) or the pair of Nuthatches on the Damson Tree feeders - they arrived after the count, having visited singly before that.  

One of the Damson Tree Nuthatches.

Well, this won't do.  I must get on with some housework - there is a house viewing next Sunday . . .


  1. A few pigeons,collared doves magpie and blackbird if we are lucky are all we see in town so different to the smallholding. Very envious of the nuthatches!
    The way things are going you might be moved before us!!

  2. Oh I wish, Sue. This couple are from Hampshire, and house not on market yet, but where they are, dormitory town for London and houses sell fast . . . We shall see.

  3. Never see very much where I am in my garden, although we do get flocks of long tailed tits.

    1. I love them, and see them when I'm on walks, threading themselves through the hedgerows and tzeee-tzeeing.

  4. That is a great count - very envious of the nuthatch and siskins :) Hope all goes well with the house viewing.

    1. Hah - but well beaten by my friend near Ross-on-Wye who had a FLOCK of about 150 Fieldfares land in her field . . .