Tuesday 25 April 2017

Some photos from the Antiques Fair at the Botanic Gardens

We are still recovering from a long (3 day) weekend.  All the setting up at an Antiques Fair takes a goodly while and it takes just as long to pack it all away again!  Here is a view of the rather splendid Welsh Folk Art chair, made entirely of thread bobbins, and dating from about 1880 - 1900.  It had been stored in a barn for a while, judging by the dust on it, so guess who got to clean and polish every bobbin?  

Some of the dust collectors offered for sale . . .

And yet more dust collectors.  I especially love the 1960s Royal Copenhagen blue bowl at the front.  Not to mention the Sami knife to its right, which has wonderful scraffiti reindeer engraved on it.

A selection of chairs and masks, and some more humble household stuff in the basket.

Bits and bobs - both the Beatrix Potter plates sold.

More ethnic stuff - lots from Africa, a splendid Omani dagger . . . and a really unusual Chinese bronze bed warmer . . .

My "Military Advisor's" end!!

Dashing off out now.  Hope you enjoyed this glimpse of our "other life".


  1. My choices from your stall would have been the blue and white Cornish ware(?) jug and that diddy little wooden chair ( but NOT the mask laying on it!) Hope you made a fortune!!

  2. Pretty little chair, now in the Unit, and so is the Cornish Ware jug (T.G. Green, proper job). The other child's (potty) chair sold . . .

  3. Such fascinating stuff BB. I always wonder about the history of such things.

  4. I always say I wish some of these things could talk - WHAT a story they would tell. Folk always say what an interesting stand we have.

  5. I love the bobbin chair I am wondering if I have a corner for it :-)

  6. Isn't it gorgeous? You'll have to come and have a trial sit on it!

  7. Loved the Beatrix Potter plates, and the little chair, one time I wanted to collect chairs but they do need space. A lovely collection of wares Jennie.

  8. Thanks Thelma. We try and have a good selection off things to appeal to as many buyers as possible. I always look for the unusual, and the beautiful.