Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Today's River Walk

I am really in a blogging mood today, and inspired by pictures of Touch-me-not Balsam (Himalayan Balsam as it's also called) which I've just found over at Beyond the Fields We Know, I thought I would make another blog posting tonight. So, from this afternoon's river walk, here is a selection of photographs . . .

One of the dratted Umbellifers I will have to look up to identify . . .

The mid-pink Himalayan Balsam, which also comes in a deeper pink. It forms seedheads which explode when they are ripe or nearly ripe and you touch them. Needless to say it is a very successful weed . . .

White Himalayan Balsam down by the stream leading into the river.

A humble bumble bee on Self Heal.

Sometimes I amaze myself. This photograph should have been absolutely ruined by the dazzling sunshine on the water, but the camera shut down its aperture and I have this lovely black and white photo instead. I love it.

Looking downstream.

Dark velvet eddies of water.

And over the rapids.



  1. I've found your no 2 blog site and will add it to my list to follow - so wherever you post, I will find you. Ann

  2. I'm so glad about that Ann. I am intending to get in touch with each of my old followers, and am still slowly working through the list.

  3. Those are stunning pictures Jennie, especially the black and white one, how special is that?

    Poppy will love these :)

    Kim x

  4. Travelling by train from Devon to Northumberland at the weekend I was amazed by the clumps of balsam in flower - can't remember seeing so much in past years. Sorry that you've had so much trouble with Blogger - I shall update the link from my own blog.

  5. Kim - I'm going to get that one printed off - would you like a copy too?

    GC - I remember travelling up above Manchester one year, and there were just MILLIONS of these along the canal and river banks. Shame they're not edible!