Sunday, 17 April 2011

Busy in the garden

Shire horses at Weston's Brewery, Much Marcle.

Ah, I see that my interests are not necessarily my readers' interests. I will put the last church on hold for another time.

The return of the sunshine has seen me out in the garden. Today I got my husband to be my unpaid labour and he carried breeze blocks about and cut the end off a plank so I could put my Auricula collection on the shadier and cooler side of the yard. It is the nearest thing I can get to an Auricula theatre, and not anything like as stunning as some you see, as I have lots of plants but only half a dozen colours. I bought myself one at the car boot sale this morning. A deep red with a yellow "eye" - 3 plants in one pot for just £1.

I am trying to get everywhere up together just in case we ever have someone to view the house, and I have been painting various rooms indoors (again) and tidying up outside. I am trying to think positively but it looks like only a gigantic drop in price is going to get anyone here. We HAVE to relocate sooner rather than later.

What a shame I have lost the writing mood I had this time last night, when I had to carry on with what I was doing. I was thinking of hearing Nightingales singing (I must have been about ten years old) and wanting them to shut up because I was tired and they were keeping me awake! What I wouldn't give to hear one now. . .


  1. I love those horses, I have just been to a heavy horse event today and it was lovely. I have never heard a nightingale sing and wish I had.

  2. I too love the big horses. Ah, to hear a nightingale sing would be grand.

  3. I doubt you could write a dull post if you tried! I always enjoy your explorations whether its walking about the countryside or visiting historical sites.
    Between gardening [or trying to between rains] and having the little house full of people, I must say my comments haven't been very "thought-y." Do give us more about the old churches when you have a moment.