Saturday, 23 April 2011

Off to visit friends

I shall be away from my computer for a few days as tomorrow I am travelling down to the New Forest to stay with friends. On the way there, I shall pop in and see one or two more friends and I am really looking forward to this break.

There will be a Thomas Hardy walk and visit to the cottage in Higher Bockhampton where he grew up, and an Edward Thomas walk (around Steep, near Petersfield in Hampshire, where he spent several years with his family). I can't wait.

There is much to be sorted here before I leave though, not the least of which my packing, and a list of what must be done in my absence . . .


  1. Have a nice visit and do take lots of photos of your outing.

  2. We visited there a few years ago. Fascinating little village. I think it was there that we saw a cottage that had a brook running right underneath it. I like Hardy's writing even though it is somewhat depressing. But his descriptions are superb.

  3. Thank you all. MM - I will make sure I take plenty of photos. I will probably have enough for blog posts for weeks!

    Chris - Hardy was apparently a cheerful chap in "real life" . . . just didn't put much faith in love I suspect . . .

    Kath - I shall wave as I go near the Tor (planning to stop in Wells).

  4. Have a lovely break. One day I shall get to visit the New Forest...