Sunday, 10 July 2011

A horsey walk

In recent months, I haven't been able to do much walking because a long-running chest infection has prevented me. Now, five doses of anti-biotics later, and on week two of a 6 week rota of doubling-up my asthma inhaler, I am able to walk happily on the flat and can manage short slopes though our hill still brings me to my knees and I have to stop several times when attempting to climb it.

I decided that I would walk for an hour or so up the valley bottom today, and get my husband to pick me up as I was heading back towards home after an hour and a quarter. The sun was out, I had my camera with me, and I thoroughly enjoyed my walk. Mind you, I didn't get as far as I expected as I lost half an hour chatting with a neighbour and making a fuss of his TB broodmares and some "mini" Shetland ponies he had about the place. It was lovely to be around horses again, though Shetlands were never a breed I was particularly enamoured of. Some of these had the cute factor though!
Two of the brood mare band and a couple of this year's foals.

Not one of my better photos . . .

Time for a mutual grooming session.

Then I walked up the valley a little way and was shown the mini Shetland. Here's the family group, with one of the yearlings having a little roll.

I didn't get the best view of this little coloured foal!

This is the stallion - a palomino Shetland is unusual - shame about the roach back though. I'd have had it gelded, colour or no . . .

In the heat of the summer sun, forty winks were the order of the day . . .

I think these two have the cuteness factor : ) Mum looks as broad as she was long! I know how she feels . . .

Sometimes it's just not worth staying awake . . .

Some people pay good money for a hairstyle this nonchalent . . .

Enjoying the sunshine.

Another of the bunch - they seem to have cornered the market in fuzzy forelocks!


  1. That first photo is priceless. I'd have called him shaggy shanks. They all look so casual and cuddly. Nice walk. My walks around here aren't nearly so interesting.

  2. Whilst I'm not mad on Shetlands, I have to say, he IS sweet! Perhaps I may change my mind when the grandchildren come along . . .

  3. What a wonderful visiting time you had! It must have cheered you up BB, to be with some horses again. Those two chestnut TB foals are lovely.

    Shetlands - yes, they are "cute" , but not my favourite native breed either. Often stubborn, grumpy and prone to laminitis. Still, there are exceptions and a small, good tempered one would be tempting.

    It`s so good to hear that you are feeling physically much better!

  4. I enjoy watching horses--not horse races, but as they interact with each other and with humans. Until we had Pebbles and some of the others, I hadn't realized what nosey parkers they can be--always wanting to see what the humans are doing.
    Wish I could take you to see the wild horse herds of Wyoming. I had some photos but think I never did a post on them.
    Asthma and the heightened susceptability to 'chest infections' has to be discouraging--something our daughter has frequently battled. I hope you are really on the mend this time around.

  5. The Shetlands are cute especially the foals. We saw a field full of Shetlands on our way to Matlock last week, had no idea there were any round here, plenty of horses but all are used for riding and are kept at the local livery stables of which there are several in the area. Shetlands always remind me of Thelwell's books though - do you remember those?

  6. Rowan - remember them? I still have some!

    MM - How I would love to see the Wyoming mustangs - I'd love to see America full stop, but the wild bits rather than the cities.

    DW - on the mend I think - doubling my inhaler dose does seem to have helped, though I am still barking and my lungs aren't clear yet. it's nice to get out again though.

  7. Aw well done on being able to walk a bit further hun, thats just the best news. I fully appreciate how difficult it is to be ill and not be able to do what you want to do. So nice to hear that you are getting better hugs xxx

    Love pics too - I actually quite like Shelties x

  8. Fi - I used to have a friend who always called them Freezer Packs . . . just about sums up some of the ones I've met over the years!!! being able to walk a few miles again has cheered me up no end, but I was too chicken to even attempt the really steep hill up from my friend's house today and gratefully accepted a lift home!!