Wednesday 27 July 2011

Spirals and standing stones at the beach

Yesterday we met up with our daughter's partner's parents at Llansteffan Beach, and had a splendid walk along the sands. It was not without some moments of pondering though . . .

Above and below. This amazing beach "crop circle" was perfectly regular and appeared to have been done by a heavy rake. The incoming tide appeared not to have affected it overly as it has been there a couple of days apparently.

Who did it, and why, we can only conjecture . . .

Looking across the Towy Estuary over the Pembrey headland, and beyond, the rising land of the Gower peninsula.

The headland at the end of Scotts Bay.

Looking back towards the Gower again.

What a grand place to live - overlooking the beach at Scott's Bay.

Looking across to the more modern end of Ferryside.

A conundrum. This "standing stone" does not appear on the Sites and Monuments Record, and I can only assume was possibly something to do with marking the ferry crossing to Ferryside, which is almost directly opposite.

Looking up the Estuary towards Cwmbury.

Too lazy to look it up, but I think it's Sea Lavender. It's certainly "Sea" something or other!


  1. I loved the photos with this post.I got a breath of fresh air through my PC reading this :-D
    I also enjoyed the last post too, fab photos with that one as well.

  2. sorry, that came out all wrong didnt it! what I meant to say was, that I also enjoyed the earlier post about Ashbourne and the fab photos that went with that post.

  3. Beautiful photos! I double-clicked the house on the water...I could only imagine living there! ;-)


  4. Dianne - it IS a lovely spot and the sands in front of it were once the spot where Cockle Wars took place - literally! Local pickers had fisticuffs with cockle pickers from England who wanted a piece of the action.

    Kath - it's a lovely spot, and our closest seaside (though it's an estuary mouth really). It's where we used to take our kids when they were smaller. I'm glad you liked the Ashbourne post too.

  5. Lovely coastline there BB - and I am sure it makes you far too lazy to look up a flower name.

  6. I love this kind of coastline. Very different from ours. I wonder if cockles are the same as 'flithers' that they gathered on the east coast. We had whelks, limpets and winkles there.

  7. What a lovely walk along your nearest coastline. I wonder who had a creative moment with a rake?!

    The flowers do look like white, or pale Sea Lavender. I`ll have to get the Wild Flower book out.....

  8. I haven't visited in a while and certainly enjoyed the seaside post today!