Monday, 14 May 2012

The flowers of the field . . .

I have taken a leaf out of Morning Minion's book today and taken a walk down the hill and then around my garden, camera in hand.  So this is what is blooming this occasionally-sunny May day!  Firstly, Red Campion, with Stitchwort in the background.

Some slightly out-of-focus Cow Parsley - the breeze was blowing it as I tried to photograph the blooms.

Jack-by-the-hedge, well-grown now and soon to put out seed.

By the side of the fast-flowing Perrott stream, Marsh Marigolds still hold up their golden faces to the sun.

Ramsons of course - we have masses round here.  Down on the sunny bank by the Chapel, however, they have "gorn over" and their yellowing leaves lie flacid on the bankside.

Bluebells are still flowering happily, here with Stitchwort again and some fern fronds just unfurling.

You should just be able to see a little Red Damselfly, newly-hatched, on the leaf to the right of where the little stick forks.

Which leads us nicely to my wildlife pond . . . happy sunbathing tadpoles . . .

If you look closely, there IS a newt, sunbathing, too. Just above the letter "t" in "sunbathing". You can see his tail and then follow it forward. I hope you can double click and enlarge the photos on your computer. Mine doesn't seem to do it for me anymore.

Finally, a general view of the pond.


  1. I've just been complaining that blogger doesn't allow a 'click and zoom' on photos any longer--I love details and feel thwarted!
    I hope you're feeler better. Being outside is often a lift to my spirits, although just now the effects of too much rain on the gardens is causing some helpless woes.
    So many of the British wildflowers are also common in the eastern US. I don't always know the same name but recognize the plant. We have towering cow parsleys along the road here which runs so near the creekbed. Stitchwort is also a familiar bloom, although I may never have put a name to it.
    Thank you for this post. I wish I could have walked it with you!

  2. so many wonderful treasures~

  3. Morning both. Treasures indeed Tammie.

    MM - How I would enjoy showing you round the lanes - not to mention the castles and history - of our neck of the woods. The hedgerows are so beautiful at the moment - I must do a walk up by Lady P's, as the wildflowers are stunning up her - v. steep! - hill.

  4. The wild flowers are really beginning to get into their stride now aren't they? I love seeing bluebells and stitchwort growing together. Pink campion is just beginning to flower here too.

  5. I can JUST see the damsel drying out its wings. Lovely photos again.
    I can imagine your deep , narrow lanes all green and blooming with wild flowers.

  6. I, too, was missing the click and zoom as in the past I've been able to actually feel part of the scene! Lovely pics and a nice way to spend my morning coffee time...

  7. What a beautiful time of year to take a walk!

  8. Let's hope that we get click and zoom back in the future . . . Glad you all enjoyed the walk with me though.

  9. What a pretty walk - the stream looks gorgeous and lovely to still see the bluebells!
    Paula x
    p.s.I'm still hunting for the newt!

  10. Mrs S - Welcome. It IS there, honest injun!

  11. Interesting to note a picture of Garlic Mustard that you refer to as Jack by the Hedge. Here in the northeast part of the US 'Jack' is considered a serious invasive. I have spent countless hours pulling it up, being carefull to get the entire root. It is a thankless task and is one that must be addressed every year. Apparently there is an enzyme that exudes from the roots that kills off some of our native wild