Wednesday, 23 May 2012

A horsey walk

This beautiful weather is there to be enjoyed and after all that tidying and cleaning and gardening, I decided to go for a walk yesterday.  Down the hill and cross the bridge . . .

Along the lane where the river foams over the rocks by the Mill. . . .  And then I met our neighbour with the TBs, just bringing one back from being scanned.  Come and see this years foals, he said, so I hopped in and we drove back the way I had just walked . . .

Cute or what?

Lunch time . . .

This mare is dam of a couple of promising youngsters on the racecourse.

They were just pausing for breath here after a canter round.

Half the brood mare band.

My internet connection won't load any more photos - I've tried 5 times.  I will have to do the rest of my walk later on.


  1. Nice photo's as usual BB.

    Did the house viewers eventually turn up?

  2. Yes Al. Lovely folks who loved the house, but it was just one of several they were viewing that day, and I expect the damp in the attic put them off so I'm not holding my breath. Since we don't have the moolah to have the rendering taken off the end walls, here we will sit until we Zimmer frame our way out of here . . .

  3. oh yes, totally cute!
    There is a coloured foal near here and when it starts gambolling about, it reminds me of a nursery toy :-)

  4. They are absolutely beautiful. A bit more refined than the Dartmoors here. I know all about damp just about have my sympathies!

  5. What a lovely walk, another place I would like to walk and wander round in ;-)

  6. BB - I look at your photographs and I just can't imagine anyone wanting to move away from such a wonderful area.

  7. Ah Weaver, an old Yorkshire friend of ours once sagely said when we mentioned wanting a house with a view: "A nice view never paid the rent . . ." So it is with our house - we live in a stunning area, but the house is just too much for us now, and just 3 of us rattling round in an 8 bedroom house . . . Plus, we never get to see family and friends as it's too far for them to visit now fuel is so expensive.

    Goosey - hello again dear friend. I'm sure you would love it here as the views are fabulous, especially at this time of year.

    Em - give me Dartmoors any day. It hurts less when one kicks you!

    Kath - foals are so gorgeous - those long long eyelashes and whiskery mushroom noses!

    Al - we have our fingers crossed we may here back, but the phone has been very dodgy/completely knocked out. Thought they'd fixed it today as I have broadband back for the moment, but phone line virtually unusable as so much crashing noise on it.

  8. Al - that should have been HEAR back . . .

  9. They are gorgeous! You're lucky to get a close up view of them.