Monday, 25 March 2013

The view from here . . .

All I need to do is to step outside the front door and I instantly know what it feels like to live in Siberia.  Somehow I don't think I shall be emigrating any time soon.  Yeesh - we just have the wind.  I feel really sorry for the people in Northern Ireland, North Wales and Cumbria who have snow drifts 10 - 20 feet deep.  Particularly the farmers who have had such a bad year weatherwise over the past 15 months or so, and now stand to suffer catastrophic losses with ewes about to lamb and buried in snow.  I hope the Government will do something to help them, but somehow I doubt it . . .  Countryfolk live outside the  circle of the M25 and somehow drop off the Downing Street radar.  All I can say is, come Peak Oil, we shall look after our own!

I thought I would share the SPRINGTIME view above, which was taken on my way from Somerset into Dorset a couple of years back - from memory, it is the back of Bulbarrow Hill, looking back towards the Somerset border.

I have ordered, and taken receipt of, 3 books so far for my birthday.  One is an absolute corker about Crochet (different shaped blocks) and my fingers are fair itching to try some out.

Then there are two books about Edward Thomas: one in-depth one on his poetry, and the other is a reprint of a book published about 1939, and a very readable biography of ET.  I have dragged myself away from this book just long enough to check out my eBay listings and write this post.  Then I shall be back by the f ire.

Just to leave you with another reminder that spring can't be TOO far away.  I hope!
This gorgeous cottage with its ancient Wisteria was - I think - in Childe Okeford, Dorset.


  1. Here's hoping that the spring comes soon! Jx

  2. There's a programme on Radio 4 about ET this week I heard tonight. I'll try and remember to listen. I love your new header that wild garlic? x

  3. I've just looked it up Em (but MANY thanks) - it's 3.30 on Saturday afternoon. I shall be listening.

    Yup, Ramsons in the header, in the beautiful wood above the Memorial stone to Edward Thomas.

    Jan - I will settle for the heatwave "they" are promising to follow . . .

  4. We have lots of snow, still - I am so fed up at not being able to get going with the veg growing.

    And a lot of our naturalised garden bulbs seem to have just rotted away and not come up at all :-(

    Lovely pic of the Ransoms - the Malvern Hills look like that in Spring as well :-)

    1. Oh and I was going to tell you about the Radio 4 ET prog as well - but Em beat me to it :-)

  5. Good luck with all your research on Edward Thomas, I think you must be in your element deep in books, it is funny how the person you research becomes part of your life, don't think he was very loving to his wife was my impression. Keep warm as well, at least your house has thick walls against that bitter wind.....