Saturday, 11 January 2014


A very quick post to notify everyone that a tree fell on the line again (same place on the lane, similar time of year to last year) and that BT are "unable" to reinstate it until 25th January.  Meanwhile al the folk in our hamlet, and beyond, have to try and manage with mobile phones and needless to say, no computer.  I feel sorry for anyone trying to run a business from home . . .

I am currently on the community computer at the local P.O. and will try and keep in touch this way until we have our line back.

Danny is off to Australia on Monday for a year to work (best mate Joe riding shotgun), and as the mobile coverage is so poor in our area, he will have to keep in touch via his sisters . . .

As they say, worse things happen at sea . . .


  1. Hello BB,
    Thank you for finding a way of posting. I can`t believe that history is repeating itself and that you have lost your phone/internet line yet again!

    Stay well and enjoy your weekend.

    Bon voyage to Danny! I`m sure he will have a fantastic time in Australia.

    Love to you all. DWxx

  2. I'm so sorry to hear you're without a phone line again and what a long wait :( Do hope its fixed on the 25th.

    I hope Danny has a great year in Australia - what a wonderful opportunity for him.

  3. Look on the bright side BB, at least you won't get any cold calls.

  4. Sorry to hear this - you obviously aren't at the top of BT's list of priorities! Bon Voyage to Danny, hope he has a wonderful time.

  5. Hope it all gets sorted for you soon!

  6. Thank you all for your kind thoughts. I am glad to report that BT have turned up trumps and restored our phone line in time for Danny to phone from the airport to say goodbye. I have been trying to hold back tears half the day though . . .

    Aril - a positive wish there.

    Rowan - I think he will LOVE it out there. I just hope he doesn't love it TOO much!

    Pat - that's just what I was thinking . . .

    R. Robin - it is SUCH a relief to have the line back early, and I have just been on the phone to my best friend to offload.

    DW - as long as there are trees in Wales, BT will be forever busy after a storm . . . I think Danny is going to have the time of his life, but his mother worries about snakes and spiders . . .

  7. May Danny's year away bring him joy, memories and an understanding of a culture not his own and yet so important in the world today. Grab a tissue and let the tears fall; he'll soon be back and the stories will be inimitable.

    Extra happy dance for your phone line.