Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Apologies for the silence

Since coming back from Hampshire, I have come down with Tonsillitis, and a chest infection, and am feeling tired and disinclined to do anything much other than rest/sleep.

I'll leave you with a couple of photos from the Lyndhurst Museum.

What a fabulous chair this is.  I'm not sure if it was Brusher Mills' chair, or made in memory of him, or just a Forest design, but isn't it superb?  The snakes (Adders) would connect it to Brusher Mills.

I hope you can read the legend on the side.

Back when I feel a bit more human!


  1. So sorry about the tonsilitis. I used it get it very badly in my teens - and often had quinsies too. I had my tonsils out when I was 21 - but I don't think they do this any more.
    Beautiful chair - grisly story about the dog thing.

  2. Get well soon. Tonsillitis is really nasty add in a chest infection and no wonder you feel poorly. Take Care

  3. Poor you, what a grim winter you've been having with your health. Get well soon, but don't over do it.
    The stirrup was gruesome, but it's that chair which would give me nightmares, I am terrified of snakes!

  4. I hope you soon feel better. There are some nasty chest infections and throat things going round at the moment. Jx

  5. I hope I am slightly better now Jan. I'm just awaiting the results of a sputum test to see if I'm on the right A/B (which I won't think I am as it's not really touching that).

    Kath - I've had a couple of colds this winter, but otherwise not too bad. Nothing like the three years of bad health I suffered until they found out part of the reason was lactose intolerence (which hopefully is only temporary, and due to the long term a/b's. I had some of my favourite cheese (first time sine last August) recently and was OK, so will try reintroducing dairy soon, in moderation. I don't mind snakes and we used to pick up lizards and slow worms in my childhood garden.

    Mrs T - thank you. I'm getting some reading done anyway, which is a positive.

    Smallholder - it's also gone to my sinuses so seems determined not to leave any bit of me unscathed!

    Pat - as for the stirrup - when you think of what they did to people at that time, a couple of lost toes was nothing I suppose . . . I think the chair has such character too.