Friday, 27 March 2015

Quiet inspiration

Last time I was at Annie's, I took a few photos of the scenery near her home.  This is the little lane which leads on up into the mountains.  I have always loved driving deeper into the wildness of this area.  Its beauty inspires me to jot down notes of what I see, and my last few visits have seen me pulling over in the car and feverishly writing down a few lines of poetry, to be worked on and improved later.  Here is one of the "poems" (well, bit of writing anyway) that came from this wild and untamed landscape.


A carapace of moss spews over boulders -
Disrupting harmony of drystone walls, and
In the sparrow brown of last year's leaves.
Tumbles of small birds swarm.
In beech trees, trunks plastered emerald from
Winter's steady drip, 
Blind buds listen for spring.
Ancient boundaries slew with knotted roots,
Which heave boulders with nonchalance, and
A dank miasma of moss slimes the boggy valley
With a creeping velvet breath.


  1. I like 'creeping velvet breath'- conjures up a beautiful image. Lovely photographs.

  2. That is beautiful, thank you.

  3. What gorgeous scenery! The photographs of the moss and where it grows were wonderful. I enjoy your way with words "tumbles of small birds swarm" and "creeping velvet breath", beautifully descriptive.

  4. "creeping velvet breath" definitely poetic. Beautiful photographs.

  5. My jaw has dropped. Just lovely. Thank you. x

  6. Thank you all so much for your kind comments. it is such a beautiful area isn't it? Glad you liked me bit of writing too.