Saturday 24 September 2016

On the road

Finally we have had a day where we don't need to drive for hours and hours.  Whilst it is nice to get out in good weather, and see beautiful scenery, meet new people and have the chance to buy and sell stock, sometimes it is good just to be able to catch up at home.  This morning (Saturday) we changed things around in our Unit, and took some items out for the Antiques Fair we are selling at tomorrow at Llantwit Major.  Fingers crossed for that one - a good catchment area, but it depends how well it has been advertised as this is the first Fair at this venue - certainly the first organized by the young man in charge, so we shall see.  Sometimes it takes a while for a new venue to catch on.

I was able to get a proper grocery shop in, rather than grabbing a few bits on the run, which is what has been happening in recent weeks.  I have even planned (well, half planned if I am truthful!) a menu for the week.  I have changed the eating habits of the past 20 years, and am rabidly calory-counting.  I  have set a target figure of 21 lbs to start with, which would get me down to around 10 stone.  I am top-heavy, with skinny legs, and that weight has to go.  I bought myself a Fitbit Fizz which has revolutionized my life.  It is a cheapish one, which just simply records steps walked (the aim is 10,000 a day which I seem to easily pass most days) and distance in km, and calories burned.  The losing weight seems easier when you can see how many calories you have burned each day, and check that against calories eaten.  I am being very harsh with myself and set the bar low, as this is the way that works for me, by being very controlled and it allows for the very occasional treat (a glass of wine for example).

Anyway, I'm a few steps short so I'm off up the hill now my meal has settled.  You saw the photo of the current me a week or two back.  I hope to be able to keep the weight loss going and do an "after" photo.  So far, I've lost a pound in 6 days.  It needs to stay off and have a lot of friends to keep it company!!

I was determined to take some photos of our journey home from Gloucestershire.  This was a very hurried photo of a lovely long tunnel of trees we drove through.  You get the idea I'm sure!

Now for a few pictures of the Monmouthshire scenery, looking vaguely in the direction of Abergavenny (left).

It looked like the height of summer and was a lovely warm day.  What a lovely landscape to walk (or better still, ride) through.

Sorry some are a bit wobbly, but the road was a tad bumpy in places.

I missed getting a photo of this lovely Windmill on Tuesday, so was determined to stop and get a good one on Thursday.  This is Llancayo Mill, but unfortunately it is now just somewhere you rent for a holiday, rather than being a functioning working mill.  HERE is a link for you.  At least it has been painstakingly restored.

Finally, out of context!, here is a little rocky isle which you can see from both Severn bridges, but it is much closer to the old one.  Note the little baby "lighthouse" on it to warn river traffic of the rocks at high tide.


  1. Your photos of the Severn Bridge brought back happy memories of visits to Wales over the years.
    Good luck with the Fitbit and enjoy your walks. The trouble is, walking makes me hungry!

  2. Landscapes 'plotted and pieced.'I would love to drive slowly along those roads [actually, have someone else drive so I could gawk!]

  3. glad to hear you are home again for a while good luck with the weight loss, although I think you are fine as you are but its whats your happy with that matters :-)

  4. Gorgeous pictures, as always, and your header is stunning.x

  5. DW - it makes me hungry too, but I am managing to get to the 10K steps reasonably easily - just need a top up of a walk out if I have just been mainly around the house. About to do one now in fact.

    Sharon - It made such a change to drive through an area we didn't really know - having not been there for most of a generation!

    Dawn - bless you. I have been feeling unhappy about being "top heavy" for a long time, but now the Fitbit is giving me the kick up the pants I needed. I just wish all my exercise and extreme calory cutting would show on the scales!

    Yarrow - It will be hard to change that one, so I am going to hang on to it for a bit, and am thinking about having it printed on a canvas for my office, and also as Christmas presents for aged aunties.