Sunday, 16 October 2016

Star quilt

This beautiful quilt top came home with me from Malvern last week.  As you can see, real vintage/antique materials have been used and it has been well cared for (but never finished).  The squares are tiny - about an inch square.

Below: all the original papers are still there, some are old letters which were cut up - beautiful writing.  I am sorry this isn't sharper.  I'll try and get a better one in the morning.

It will be going to the next Antiques Fair/Fleamarket I do, so I hope someone will fall in love with it.


  1. Oh I would have loved to see that, how wonderful, you dark horse never gave it a mention :-)

  2. Goodness, imagine the hours spent cutting out all those tiny squares, I hope someone buys it to finish and use.

  3. Oh so intriguing that the papers were cut up handwritten letters - I wonder if it was meant as an antidote to a love affair that had gone terribly wrong? I'd be trying to decipher the letters!
    I wouldn't be able to part with it, either . . .

  4. Dawn - I'll bring it up to you (with those apples!)

    Sue - so do I. A real labour of love.

    Rambler - the pieces are so tiny with perhaps just a word of half a word on it would take some sorting. I shall enjoy it whilst I have it, as I have two other vintage quilts to finish mending so I must harden my heart or disappear beneath the pile!

  5. What stories that quilt could tell. I wonder what places those fabrics have been worn to, who they belonged to, who worked the quilt, and where. What a find.

  6. I've returned several times to gaze at the quilt. I'm thinking I see some silky fabrics, some that are velvety--even some checks and plaids that might be outing flannel. Can you describe for those of us who are smitten?
    I wonder if this is an example of a 'postage stamp' quilt--a great many tiny squares.

  7. I think they are all silks/satins MM. Nothing very homely - all Posh Frock! I will have another look at it tonight - it's been carefully folded away where I've been so busy.

    Elaine - you bet it could. Some of the materials are very posh and from best dress days I think.