Sunday, 19 February 2017

Enjoying what's on our doorstep . . .

Keith and I took advantage of a dry afternoon to take a walk across Dinefwr Castle Deer Park again today.  Words will be few - you will have to rely on the photos to amuse you, as I am being summoned.

A view of the castle in the distance as we walked across the parkland from the Rugby Club car park.

Snowdrops in full bloom in the paddock near the stable yard.

We called this tree the Polo Tree as it had a hole right through the middle of it!

The castle again from the track through the Deer Park.

Mossy fallen giants.

Out of the woods, and round by the big pond, where we found (see below) the first frogspawn of the season.  UPDATE: 20.2.17. Frogspawn in our wildlife pond this morning . . .

Above and below - it is very wet woodland, with this little stream permeating the area, and Yellow Flag Irises starting growth for the season ahead.

If you stand still long enough, you will get covered in moss!  An old wall at the side of another arm of the stream.

This looked rather like a sundial, with its dried out rays.

Above and below: some of the history of the Castle and the area.


  1. We too have kept to our local patch- thought of you when we saw a treecreeper at our local nature reserve. Not quick enough to get a photo of that one, but we did manage to snap the antics of a wren!

    1. Glad you got to see the treecreeper. Well done with getting the wren photos. We have a lot of them tucked away in the house at night (behind and above our bedroom window alcove) but rarely see them in the garden.

  2. Very atmospheric looking castle! Starburst tree as well!

    1. It looks very brooding in the winter light.

  3. Those trees are wonderful, especially the polo tree and the sundial. One of the others looks a bit like a komodo dragon coming down the slope so you'd better watch out!