Wednesday, 22 February 2017

That blardy wall has been sorted at last

This wall was shoddily done when we had some building work done at the turn of the century (it sounds odd to be writing that!).  Concrete mortar and "modern" render - which around the window aperture was almost pure sand - when I was touching up the paint in a corner of that window, a chunk of "plaster" came away on the brush!  It did nothing to help the wall breath, despite my using clay paint on it and there were obvious (to me) damp patches, despite all my best efforts to cover them over with fresh clay paint on a regular (pre-viewing) basis.  Anyway, this was the beginning of removing the crap.  Our builder - and good friend - Steve Medland getting busy with the dustpan and brush . . .  No more nightmares about THIS wall, I hope.

A slightly blurry photo showing the wall hacked back.

Not very exciting photos, but if you were me, you would be delighted.  This wall has been a thorn in the flesh for years now.  It has been rendered using breathable lime and hemp plaster.  Good stuff.

No chance of a bath and the sink is currently languishing in the bedroom next door.  It's a bit brisk up there too as we have the two Velux windows open to allow a flow of (drying) air . . .

The 2nd coat should be going on on Friday.

I started the day off here with a flat Fitbit battery (that one didn't last long - it must have been old stock) and a bout of cat washing . . .  There is a Big Black Tom about the place (over at the farm) and he obviously met up with Theo in the yard, which is very muddy.  So was poor Theo and it was beyond a job for a towel, so he got dumped in the sink with the tap on warm, and me holding him by the scruff.  He was actually quite biddable about it, but golly gosh, there was an awful lot of mud to get off.  I towelled him off as best I could, but he's now gone outside to mull it over instead of tucking himself under a warm radiator as he normally does.

Frog Central is getting even busier, btw.  We are off to auction this morning, though each purchase will have 24% added to it (20% buyer's premium, plus VAT).  Greedy barstewards.  We try not to buy much here, for obvious reasons!  There are just a couple of things we've marked off, so we shall see.


  1. 24%!! good grief. do they charge sellers premium too?
    I hope you hear about possible house purchase soon after having all the work done.

  2. Oh yes - I reckon they must take damn near half of the value of anything sold. Plus they charge £150 just to come out and LOOK at what you want them to clear (and entitled to refuse it after that too!) No news on the house purchase yet . . . Let's hope no news is good news.