Monday, 6 March 2017

Siskins, Goldfinches and a Leucistic Robin

Some keen bird-watching friends Fi and Pete came to visit yesterday.  I had told them about my white-headed  Robin(Leucistic is the proper term where white feathers are present, often found in Blackbirds). I managed to get a couple of photos of him before they arrived, but of course, as is the way of such things, he was conspicious in his absence all the time they were here!  At least I got a photo of him to show he wasn't a figment of my imagination.

A slightly blurry photo of the Siskins and Goldfinches on the feeders.

Siskin Central!  I counted 13, with 5 Goldfinches in the flower bed.  There were more of both on the feeders too.

The Pied Wagtail who regularly visits the garden and is often seen walking along the roof too.  Mum used to call these Polly Dishwashers . . .

Short and sweet this morning.  I woke struggling to breath, from a bad dream where I had gone to America and left my inhalers back at home, and was . . . struggling to breath.  I have had a "bit of a" chest cold for a couple of weeks now, but it has upped the anti and I have it worse today, with a sore throat as well.  I am going to try some sea air down at Llansteffan and see if I can shake it off.


  1. One of my clients had a grey squirrel with a big white patch across its front in his garden on Friday which I think must be something similar. The opposite is melanism where the animal/bird comes out all black where there should be colour. Useless fact of the day for you!

  2. Aril - I know there are black (melanistic) squirrels, but have never seen one. Interesting about the grey and white one.

  3. Not used to seeing goldfinches feeding on the ground!