Sunday, 12 November 2017

Abbey Cwm Hir - Part II

This was the Billiard Room, and also dedicated to Arthurian legend (which apparently connects the valley to King Arthur).  This was Keith's favourite room, needless to say - more manly overall and TWO suits of armour, plus the Arthurian lettering etc.

This stuffed white badger represents a small group of white badgers which live in the valley, and have done since the 1950s.

A painting of the house at harvest time back around the turn of the 19th C.

I don't normally like fake Christmas trees, but this was beautifully dressed.  I think shoes and bags were the theme for this one?

Madame's boudoir, with a collection of wonderful hats, and hat boxes.

I loved this Art Deco scent bottle.  It was HUGE.

That's what you CALL a bed!!

Above and below: views across the valley and the garden.

One of my favourite bits - a collection of amazing doll's houses.   I want one!!  Knowing how much the furniture and bits cost for them though, it will never happen!

Above and below: the kitchens were my favourite rooms of course.

These rooms had been the servants' rooms, up in the attic, and felt very homely.

Above - this room had a lovely happy atmosphere.  I could have moved in here.

Finally, another view of the garden, designed by Himself.  I think he did a good job.

Tomorrow I will probably repeat an old post, with lots of snow scenes, so that my friend Yarrow can send a link to a friend of hers living in Texas who SO misses the snow.  Watch this space.


  1. How fun! I love the dollhouses too

  2. Love the dolls house and have always wanted to have windows like those with wide sash bits that you can stand things on, although don't really like sash windows!

  3. Looks fascinating. I have a dollshouse and am married to a maker. I couldn't afford his furniture as he is at the high end. However, we made our house from MDF and you would be surprised at how much you can make yourself [I've done bits over the years] It really is a hobby for budgets right across the board! Arilx

  4. What an extraordinary collection of things, also liked the dollshouse and it was lit something I have failed to do.

  5. I have to say, my childhood dollshouse was nothing like any of these, being made of stamped tin with faux bricks and roses up the wall and nothing inside apart from what I made from cardboard! In the shop where we have our Unit, the owner has a load of dollshouse stuff - at daft prices - and he thinks he will still get the full asking price although they came from someone's collection. We'll see.

  6. Thanks so much for sharing these lovely photos. Have so enjoyed the tour round the house.

    I remember my Dad made me a doll's house - it even had lights in each room which worked! I was do disappointed when my daughter when little showed no wish in having one as I think they are delightful although as you say the bits and pieces to furnish them can be extortionate!!

  7. I can remember furnishing a little wooden bungalow we were given for the girls. We were up at 1.30 a.m. Christmas morning putting the finishing touches to it. They loved it though. There's a fab shop in Bath, with tiny little items of food for kitchens and dining rooms, plus all the other hundreds of tiny bits you might fancy - but the PRICE!!

  8. What wonderful dollhouses!

  9. I agree. I am wondering if I could just have a Victorian dollshouse kitchen? But the last time I saw these tiny dollshouse bits they were an arm and a leg . . . (Note: just looked on Ebay and MUCH MUCH cheaper there!)

    1. Sounds like a roombox might be worth investigating!