Wednesday, 29 November 2017

It's getting COLDER . . .

It was bitterly cold out this morning and everything was covered in a heavy frost.  I stood in bedroom five and shivered as I opened the window to get some photos of the scenery, and the rising sun.  This is one of the Ash trees on the boundary of our property, behind the stables.

Frost on the roof tiles.

The bottom part of our field on the right, looking away up the hill.

Next door's son has recently taken over from his father, who has more or less retired now but is still to be seen about the farm.  A new broom is sweeping clean and there used to be an old barn here, which was demolished in the past few days.  For the moment, we can see a bit more of the hillside on the opposite side of the valley but I dare say a modern building will be replacing it.

A rather dark photo of the front garden seed feeder complete with Goldfinch (half a dozen visit each morning), Blue and Great Tits.  They are getting through some food now it is so cold and we had to get a fresh sack of sunflower seeds this morning.

Finally, the sun rose.  Even so, it took us 20 minutes to get the ice off the car so today we brought de-icer and a cover which goes across the windscreen at night and tucks in the side doors.  I think it will be much needed tonight as temperatures are set to go down to minus 6 in places.

One of the stray toms (Felix) was here at teatime again and was so hungry he scarcely moved when I walked past him and in the door.  He has been someone's pet, for sure, he isn't a feral cat, and is a sweet little thing.  I rather hope he stays . . .

Keep warm everyone.  Sorry for the make-weight post but the evening progresses and I am getting tired.


  1. I am missing the Aga in this very cold weather.

  2. I bet you are Pat. One of the things I have promised myself is that when we do finally move, I will have an Aga or similar in the kitchen. It's the heart of the home in this sort of weather. I think we need to get a Liberty Bodice apiece!!

  3. This sounds cold.
    I hope the cat has somewhere warm to sleep. So sad when pets have been left on their own.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. I can't wait to get the Rayburn lit on mornings like yesterday and today, -4. Living room will be lit in time for the boys coming home from school. Cosy tosy!

  5. We have picked a very windy spot to live, very glad of the woodburner.
    Love the frost on the roof photo

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