Saturday, 3 March 2018

Our valley's take on "EXTREME SNOW"!

Yup - that's it!  Didn't we get off lightly - though it was a bit of a disappointment as I do still have that childish longing to see how pretty the countryside looks under a good fall of snow, but I have to say, as we get older, it is much more convenient NOT to have too much and for it soon to melt!  This is looking across a corner of our paddock and the trackway in the background is one of Next Door's Cow Highways . . .

Female Fieldfare looking for food on our lawn this morning.  SO beautiful.

Some of the 16 Blackbirds who have been turning up to be fed.  The chunkier looking ones are European immigrants!  There is one with a spot of white on his back so you can imagine what I have named him.  I have been putting out apples cut into 4 (I bought 20 or so from the cheap greengrocers for them), but no-one is eating any of the (small) bag of cheap birdseed as it is largely wheat and no self-respecting wild bird will eat WHEAT doncha know?

Apple?  Yes please.

This one is a local, and eyeing up the cat food -only the locals know about the cat food and soon polish off any which gets left.

I managed to get up the hill for a much-needed walk this morning.  "Earth stood hard as iron, water like a stone . . ."  A little rill down from the field above - I could hear the water running underneath the icy covering.

Ponds were of course frozen too.

A misty view across the fields.

Sheep being moved this morning.

No views today, just misty scenery.

Courtesy of Storm Emma - Next Door's straw (and hay) barn.  He had to bring the panels up from the river, where the gales had deposited them after ripping them off.

Back later with another post.


  1. I really enjoyed that breath of fresh air and your misty views.
    I managed a walk with the dog today. I was rather more enthusiastic than him, but he wasn't as well clad/shod as me. It was good to get some clean cold air.

  2. I have to say, if I were a dog I wouldn't be too keen on barefoot in the snow either!! Glad you enjoyed the walk. I have to report that NOW it is snowing! How typical - but big wet blobby two bob bits and not laying. More sleet with ambition.

  3. Neighbours have had visitors so roads must be clear one way in at least. The snow here is shrinking. Seems so strange us having so much snow over here and you having so little

  4. It's only a narrow strip that is clear. My friend just outside Fishguard reports drifts higher than the trees and roads under 6 foot of snow, so they're going nowhere fast . . .

    I hope yours thaws properly now.

  5. Our snow which is also shrinking is covered in twigs, leaves and scotch pine branches from the wind. But that wind you experienced really sounds bad.

  6. The wind - well, gales - were something else. Over 36 hours and it was like Wuthering Heights here. Keith said it's like that in the Falklands - that would send me mad. The little bit of snow we had got covered in dust by the gate where the wind was whipping everything up - looked horrid. We had another fall yesterday afternoon/early evening which is on the ground, but hardly anything and as the ponds are thawing now I should imagine the snow will go today too.