Friday 23 March 2018

Yesterday's walk from the swing bridge

This, another iron bridge in our valley which crosses over the Cothi, is half way between our iron bridge and Brechfa. There used to be another iron bridge closer to the A40 which took you to church – the little Trinity Church which nestles, surrounded by daffodils at this time of year, just on the bend by Monachdy cottage. Children on that side of the river could cross to the wee schoolhouse which is now a private cottage. However, the middle of it is now gone so it's not possible to cross it. I'll try and do a walk down that way next week and take some photos of the church and ruinous bridge. My son told me (years after the event) that he and his mates used to dive off it into the river. I am SO glad I didn't know what they were up to at the time as it was quite a drop!

This one got its name as before this solid bridge was built, its predecessor was a hanging bridge – think Indiana Jones here! The lady who used to drive the school taxi and pick up our kids at the gate to ferry them down to school in Nantgaredig, always called it the swing bridge, and said they used to cycle up to it on summer days. I imagine the boys would start to lark about on it when the girls were in the middle just to hear them scream.

The view upstream from the bridge, and below, downstream.

It's about 3 miles up the valley from home, so I got my husband to drop me off and I walked back. It's an easy walk apart from the steep hill up from my smallholding neighbour's place, but that, surprisingly, I can cope with better than the hill up to our house from the river. That's a killer.

There were plenty of sheep and lambs about, and lots of baaing going on. I had wished for sunshine to liven up the landscape a little, but it is still rather monochrome and spring is going to be late this year. I am just so desperate to see leaves on the trees again.

This made me laugh - Medallion Sheep!!

I stopped for a cuppa at my smallholding friend's farmhouse, and we had a lovely chat. We are great friends and get on like a house on fire, as the saying goes. She has had a birthday recently and one of her daughters got her some tiny chicks and day old ducklings. I couldn't resist a peep at the ducklings (who are Khaki Campbells) and plan to go back soon and see the chicks and some Aylesburys who have yet to be delivered.

Below - as you can see, no shortage of Ramsons to pick round here!  Back tomorrow with today's walk . . .  Have a good weekend all.


  1. It looks very brisk and bracing out there

  2. It looks colder than it was. Low down between the hedges (out of the wind) it was reasonably comfortable. Colder today though - and I was higher up today on my walk. Roll on spring!

  3. It looks a lovely walk and the little ducklings are very sweet. Still cold here too although there has been more of a feel of Spring in the air over the last week.

  4. It's at least dry here so I am off on another walk this morning. Aren't those ducklings adorable? Reminds me of when we kept poultry - 20 years back now though.

  5. Thanks for this lovely walk, just what I needed.

  6. Glad you enjoyed joining me hart. Better with sunshine though . . .

  7. No. 96 looks as though she has just had her hair shampooed and can't do a thing with it. As usual, spring is teasing us. I enjoy seeing your countryside, so different from around here, very beautiful, if a bit demanding. I can only imagine your horror when you heard about your son's exploits!

  8. She needs a blue rinse I think! Spring is very mercurial here - sunshine and so much warmer today. I'm off out for a walk to make the most of it, then gardening.

    It's far better to hear about the exploits AFTERWARDS - he was very remiss telling me (when in NZ) he was jumping out of an aircraft at 14,000 feet the next day. Ihardly slept a wink then!!