Wednesday 3 April 2019

Haworth village and church

Final round-up from Howarth.  I have had to rest up today as I have some sort of lurgy and just HAD to have a sofa day. I am hoping I can sleep it off (having slept for an hour at lunch time and another nap after tea).  Anyway, this is the walk up from the bottom of Haworth and the wonderfully atmospheric railway station.

Below: I couldn't resist a nod to my Devon roots!

Above : looking across the valley to what must have been cheap tenement housing in Victorian times. Below:  better housing came later.

The wonderful Apothecary's Shop close to the Black Bull Inn, and full of all sorts of delightful things to spend your money on.  I, meanwhile, was wondering how much they had paid to buy the fabulous old Chemists' jars and amazing mahogany Dispensary cabinet and drawers.  Those didn't come cheap!

The church - although the one standing in the Bronte's time was ripped down and rebuilt by the Vicar who followed Patrick Bronte.

A sad ending . . .


  1. Amazing family. Thanks for bringing back many memories.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the outing Jill. I probably won't get the chance to go again now, so I made the most of it. I was interested in the change of shops from 30 years ago when it was mostly places to sit and have a "cup of char and a bun", Now it's gone upmarket with lots of knick-knacks to buy and the Apothecary's shop had lots of soaps and bath bombs and the like, but also some faux taxidermy under glass (think a "spray" of butterflies) at about £500 a hit!!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing the photos of the village. It makes me want to start re-reading the Bronte books! :) Such a shame the vicar following Patrick Bronte tore the church down and rebuilt it! I just love the Apothecary's shop :)

  3. Very evocative your photos, those dark grey/white bricked houses, whenever I go to Todmorden always feel slightly depressed by the housing. Yet those three sister's imagination flourished in such a barren space of the vicarage, wonderfu;.

  4. How wonderful that you shared this! Last winter I reread Wuthering Heights, so still have the Brontë's on my mind. Yes, "A sad ending."