Sunday, 21 April 2019

Wightwick Manor Part II

This is a view of one of the guest bedrooms, the Oak Room, which dates to 1893.  When not in use, the bed folds up  and the piece of furniture looks like an ornate cupboard with wonderful painted doors and beautiful pediment . . .  "This room once houses the bed Charles II is said to have slept in when hiding from the Parliamentarians at Moseley Old Hall in 1651.  Geoffrey (Mander) bought it in 1913."

A poor photo of a lovely painting, and below, drawings of William Morris by, I think, Rosssetti.

A beautiful Suffolk chair from the William Morris "stable" so to speak.  This is the design that was made in the recent Arts and Crafts House programme on tv.  We had a lovely long chat with a very enthusiastic Volunteer and stayed along this part about 10 minutes or more.

One of the beautiful tapestries - it had to go to Belgium when it needed restoring.  It (and the chair/s) were in the Pomegranate Passage.  The Daisy Room, off this passage, held a display of pen and ink drawings by a youthful Rossetti.  I wasn't that impressed tbh!

Above and below: naughty dogs in the Day Nursery.  The top ones are painted by sporting artist Cecil Aldin.

This poor puss had been in the wars!

A blurry photo of Keith in the kitchen.  A splendid range.

Above: faux food.

The table set for the servants' meal.

Another gorgeous range, and real food.

A close up of the small "range" next to the big one.

We went to the FABULOUS exhibition of William de Morgan's ceramics.  I absolutely adored his Persian-influenced pieces.

Just a few photos to whet your appetite.  More when I can fine time to put them up in the next couple of days.  I'm still busy as a busy thing in house and garden, but making great progress - today it was painting the cart shed and chicken shed doors, and then painting of a different kind when I went round what was mum's flat, painting all the solid oak doors and windows we had put in when we rescued it from being a derelict Dairy.  We have also been doing battle with one of our earliest flowering roses - a Banksia which romped away whilst I turned my back and has put out flailing branches some 12 feet long which I have tried to pin to the wall so they can flower and then they will be cut back as they will put out fresh growth again.  It's beautiful BUT a real thug (Thelma take note!!)


  1. It is many year ago we visited Wightwick Manor. Some I remember. But not all. Beautiful. Good luck with your painting, I dont know where you find the energy!

  2. Glad I brought back some memories of Wightwick for you. As for energy- well, Diet Coke and Determination! We HAVE to get the house back on the market for early May, so it's all hands to the pump.

  3. Thanks for more images of my near neighbour when I lived in Wolverhampton. It really is a treasure isn't it.

    1. Yes, just wish it were nearer as we would love to go again.

  4. A super set of photos bringing back more memories of my visit a few years ago. So pleased you saw the William de Morgan exhibition.

    Good luck with all the painting.

    1. I thought you had probably visited RR. The William de Morgan exhibition made me drool - oh, such wonderful things!

      Today we had a visitation of bees, so my plan to start moving the bedroom furniture out ahead of the new carpet being laid was changed since the bees had come down our bedroom chimney!

  5. Much as I love roses, climbers are wicked as they get in your hair and clothes, only got two, one of which is 'Compassion', which hardly lives up to its name. Love the William de Morgan Persian pieces and funnily enough the kitchen ranges.

    1. Tell me about it. My arms are cut to shreds! Zepherine Drouin is thornless, if you want something pretty which doesn't fight back!

      Fancy you liking the ranges - I thought you'd think about blacking them!