Tuesday, 3 November 2009

An Atkinson Grimshaw Moon . . .

As we drove home, I noticed a wonderful full moon just behind skeins of clouds (ahead of heavy glowering rain clouds). It's what we call in our family an "Atkinson Grimshaw moon". A moon just like the one in his painting above, which is Whitby, painted in 1867. We like Whitby and have had several lovely days out there from Scarborough when we've holidayed up that way.

My husband has a book of his paintings, and we have one of his early (non-moon!) pastoral scenes, very detailed and Pre-Raphaelite in style on the sitting room wall.

Here's a link to the page about him from whence I pilfered the above photo link . . .


  1. I can't believe the earlier photos of that gentle, giggling river, as a swollen turbulence! The rocks that we explored are all submerged! I'm quite stunned and want to come back and see for myself. Please stay safe and dry and warm. I hope the furbabies are ok too. x

  2. Hullo Ms Belle,

    Strange but we too have just come in from being out this evening { cinema - the fabulous Mr Fox} and I was struck by the beautiful moon too. She's lodged proudly, full faced in a perfect sky. I tried to take a photo with my new camera phone but it didnae work.

    Lovely painting...... almost something Venetian about it.


  3. I stopped the car tonight to look at the beautiful moon rising over the Forest.

    That is a very atmospheric painting of Whitby. One of our favourite places when we lived in Yorkshire and when we used to return to the coast there for holidays. I have walked over that bridge a few times......

  4. I tried to take photos of the rising moon--not successful. I suspect I need to turn off the flash for such photos--which would mean wallowing through the camera's instruction book.
    Still, it was interesting to stand in the chill of evening, in the dark, with the Mallards quacking loudly from the pond.

  5. That Grimshaw painting is beautiful of Whitby, we went to the Museum when last there, and there were a lot of Richard Wetherall paintings but no Grimshaw must look him up....