Sunday, 8 November 2009

Car boot bargains again

There was the usual stroll around the car boot sale today. Sadly, none of the authors I collect were on offer, and nothing much in the way of books to interest, though I did get one for my eldest daughter, so she knows how to make curtains, blinds, cushions etc and loose covers for chairs. At 20p I wasn't going to leave it there anyway!

I was really taken with this beautifully embroidered 1940s? cushion cover. The stitching is far better than I can do. It now has a cushion on it and is on the sofa. It was only 50p. From the same stall I got another big crocheted blanket for £2. It's pink and white, not quite my colour range, but useful for cold nights.

This pretty green pressed glass bowl was £3. I didn't try and haggle as the old lady selling it is a regular down there, desperate to supplement her pension, so I reckon she needed the money more than me. I never set out to collect green glass, but once got our middle daughter a green glass dressing table set, then the odd bit of matching green glass. She doesn't care for it now, so I ended up with the start of a collection. I have some lovely dishes and a serving bowl in a deeper green than this and thicker glass too. I am still looking to find another couple of the matching dishes to make up the set.

A pale green stained picture frame, another pine ditto with a pretty picture in it, and two looooooong and aged reels of white cotton. £3 the lot.


  1. My favourite is the embroidered cushion cover. Such pretty detail.

  2. You had a great day with all your finds ...the cushion cover took me back to being a child, when my Mum did a lot of embroidery in the 50's ...that was just how she filled in the ready printed and iron on transfers ....her style was just like that.

  3. Thanks Angie, I will call it 1950s then. With that very beige material, I wasn't sure! It reminded me of the awful beige tile fireplace we had in the sitting room when we first arrived. K's first job was to Get Rid!

    HMR - it's lovely isn't it? There was another stall selling an embroidered white cushion cover, SO pretty, foro £4, but I'd spent my allowance by then, so hope it is still there next week.

    Kath - My rule is only to buy what we NEED, but I was very persuasive this week - "needed" the lot!