Saturday, 14 November 2009


I am uploading some photos taken whilst we were out and about today. Unsurprisingly, the river had been across the lane again, but subsided before we needed to go out. It's higher than it was last week though, and that is just one night's rain - the ground is so waterlogged now it can't take any more.

Looking back up the Towy Valley from Whitemill.

The Towy had burst its banks already, and the nearer we got to Carmarthen, the worse it was looking. At Whitemill I got some stunning pictures which were almost monochrome, and as the sun tried to break through, I aimed the camera straight at it and WOW! that's one to be blown up and framed I think . . .

A floating oak tree . . .

I stopped and walked through the grounds of the Museum, to the Bishop's Pond, which was now stretching from one side of the valley to the other! I met a chap walking a dog and he said he had never known it come up so quickly.

Above and below, as you can see the water is pouring through the sheep wire . . .

Our beautiful river valley in flood again.

That has helped take my mind off having a phone call from our middle daughter saying her handbag was nicked last night - in the Students' Union Bar. It is going to cost ME about £150 to put right, with replacement driving licence, flat key, mobile phone etc (insured, but she has to pay £25 for a replacement). And the Police, oh yes, the POLICE say that if she didn't SEE it being stolen, then it is merely LOST! Believe me, if she had SEEN someone nicking it, she would have floored them, as she is trained in Martial Arts . . . So given that decision by the Police, if I were to leave my car in a car park, and come back and find it gone, it wouldn't be STOLEN, I would merely have MISLAID it . . . I feel a letter to the Daily Mail coming on . . .


  1. Beautiful photographs BB, even if it does show floods, the storms are still whistling around the house here in Essex ... Police and stolen property, gives quizzical look, I had a motor caravan stolen off the drive a few years back, no one bothered to come and see and ask questions, all I got was a number so I could claim on the insurance...

  2. Get writting is amazing how stupid the law is ....or is it just certain policemen???
    Daft thing is ...had she seen the thief and landed him one as she tried to retieve HER property SHE would have been arrested for assault.
    Love the photos ...hope the walk destressed you ...alittle

  3. Take a deep breath, count to one hundred, tell yourself that in the great scheme of things it is not terribly important, fork out the £150 and try to forget about it. At least you daughter wasn't hurt. I know it will all be hard to do but it is a better idea than banging your head against a brick wall.

  4. I dragged J. in to look at the photos of the flood. He was properly impressed. I didn't realize he was reading through until I mentioned the policeman's response to the report of a stolen handbag and found he ws snorting indignantly along with me. Is this similar to the scientific [?] rationale which states that a tree falling in the forest makes no sound unless someone is there to hear and interpret??? I've never "gotten" that one!
    I assume the sheep and cattle can reach pastures on higher ground?

  5. Hullo BB,

    Some nice photos and yes, that one is a cracker and worth a frame for sure.

    Shame about your daughters bag and sadly the assault comment above is probably close to the truth.


  6. With a night's sleep I can do a bit less snorting about it, but gosh, was I angry yesterday . . . I am telling myself this morning, it's only money - my money for sure - but only money!!! At least my lovely G is fine and dandy, if cross to have lost a day's dissertation research having to phone round the houses to sort everything out.

    As for the flooding, it is a regular occurrence in the Welsh winter and so farmers along the river listen to the forecast and usually take their beasts to higher ground in good time.

  7. Glad your daughter is OK - something similar happened to our daughter when she (stupidly) left her bag in a private car-park and the window was smashed. Cost us to have the window repaired, too.

    As for the beautiful Towy - to think I was down taking photos in almost the same spot only a few weeks ago. Hope you are not flooded yourself.