Sunday, 6 June 2010

Back from our travels

Just briefly as I should be working. There is so much finishing off/tidying/cleaning still to be done and the agent coming sometime this week (from England) to take photos etc. We have to summon a couple of local agents too.

We had a lovely break, house- and animal-sitting in the New Forest, and viewing properties in Devon on the Tuesday and Saturday. One house we fell in love with, but it is totally impractical as it has only street parking, no big workshop for OH and only a yard and not a garden . . . The room sizes and period features are fabulous, but I don't think they would compensate for the downsides . . . We are willing to compromise, but not, I don't think, to that extent. Having said that, OH would move there tomorrow . . .

I have So much to do, so will try and crack on out in the garden before I have to take D in for his driving lesson.
An aspect of OH's dream house - cunningly disguised by Clematis Montana rubens to protect the innocent . . .

Sheep with a moorland view . . .

Chagford, one of our favourite small towns on the moor. There was a wedding and lots of people were standing round, waiting for a glimpse of the bride . . .


  1. beautiful moorland view. Glad you had a good break.

  2. Glad you had a good time, don't undo all the benefit by going at it full tilt now! Remember the hare and the tortoise!

  3. Love Chagford, have spent many a day there.

  4. Chagford is wonderful, until recently our friends ran a tea shop with divine cakes there, they sold up last year and moved three doors away lol its a wonderful place to live

  5. I'm glad you're back in blogland and hope you had a real rest--you've more than earned one.
    Gardening here--by the time the last row is weeded, its time to start over. Housework on hold while we spend days outside.