Sunday 20 June 2010

Window cleaning blues . . .

We do have just a few challenges when it comes to cleaning some of the windows here. This was the worst - and I made a hash of it trying to clean it from the inside - I needed arms like a Giraffe's neck! However, my menfolk rose to the challenge, and after deciding that the extending ladder wasn't going to do it safely, our son hung out of the window whilst my husband hung onto his legs . . . They thought it was hilarious. I was glad when they had finished!!

My Paul's Himalayan Musk is coming into full bloom now and as it stretches virtually the width of the garden, it is absolutely AMAZING. The perfume is wonderful too. I will have to have one in my next garden and will miss this one so much, as it is really well-established.

Below - this is The Garland, absolutely covered in buds last year. Similar again at the moment. It has a wonderful fragrance of Orange blossom.

More tomorrow, as it IS Father's Day and there is a bottle of vino with our name on it!


  1. It is traumatic to leave behind well established plants and start over. I can nearly smell that rose from here.
    I helped a good friend renovate a house years ago--and had to paint the trim around upstairs windows while crouching on a sloped porch roof. He fastened a length of clothesline around my middle and tied it to the banister post before allowing me to clamber onto the roof.
    I DETEST washing windows--all that effort and one gets back inside and there are STREAKS!

  2. I am already planning plants for my next garden, so I will check out your H.M for sure. I have dug up small pieces of some favourites which I hope, will survive being moved at this time of year. I did smile at the window photo, it made me feel queezy just looking at it!