Wednesday 16 June 2010

Glastonbury Abbey (I)

I was fed up with having this pelmet folded up, getting in the way, so thought the best way to keep it tidy was to hang it up - a moment of inspiration here - fits far better down here than it ever did over in the arch in the main hallway. This is the kitchen in what was my mum's flat downstairs.

I can finally say that we are seeing daylight at the end of our mammoth clean-up and decorating tunnel. I spent yesterday afternoon decorating the marine blue panels up in one of the attic bedrooms. I believe there were 45 of them, and because it's one of the half-timbered areas, I had to out line the edges carefully with a Small Brush to avoid getting paint on the wood, and then slosh some paint about in the middle with my Big Brush. Though I say it myself, it looks good. The new colour is a sort of Sky Blue.

I did about 4 hours in the garden yesterday, first thing, and excavated ALL (I hope) of the grass roots at the bottom end of my veg patch, where the Fennel grows. A little drain runs across that corner, and I usually bung in a few Courgette plants, but this year I have planted it up with grown-from-seed seedlings of Hollyhock, Double Blue Cornflowers and about 80 little Everlasting Flowers. I also put in (finally - poor things have been languishing for WEEKS) a row of Broccoli, and 2 1/2 rows of Leeks grown from seed. I was given some Monastic Coco pole bean seeds recently so I shall get those started off today, better late than never (and thank you Yarrow).

Now for some of the photographs from Glastonbury Abbey. I will have to post them in two lots as I took so many.

What a fabulous doorway. It reminds me of the incredible carvings at Kilpeck church and probably has the same French medieval inspirations.

Close up of the motifs, but sadly many are too weathered to see clearly what they represented.

Above and below - this is a room which is being restored (a small chapel) with wonderful wall paintings. It makes you realize how much colour was in the original churches - not just all the grey stone we see now.

Below - what a wonderful door. Solid oak and studded with huge blacksmith-made nails which had been hammered over flat at the back. Whoever put those in had some muscles!

I hope that this will blow up enough to be read.

This curious chap has been moved from the Square I think.


  1. What fabulous photographs, that stoe doorway is breathtaking. I really must go to Glastonbury. Glad to hear that the decorating etc marathon is nearing its end:)

  2. You never know your luck, but you may get a letter from me soon! When are you coming to stay?

  3. It is good to hear that all your hard work on the house is almost at an end!

    Glastonbury looks so beautiful. We must find a few hours to stop and explore when we next go down to the West Country.

  4. Reading these posts about exhaustive and extensivere-decorating, with now four hours non-stop in the garden, I am concerned for your well-being. Won't your back put up a protest? "Cutting in" the edges of paint is such a fussy task.
    The craftmanship which went into massive old buildings is awe-inspiring. No power tools, no shortcuts--just skilled labor. I know almost nothing about architectural styles and there is nothing so ancient and grand in this country. I enjoy the details which you collect and share from your travels.
    I hope you can put away the painting tools and ladders and enjoy your garden during the remainder of the summer. Living in a house which may be subject to viewing on an hour's notice can be unsettling--that is when one's "house-keeping" is no tider than mine has ever been.

  5. The farmer calls that grass 'wickens' - oh I wish I had a pound coin for every time I have said it has been eradicated from a patch of garden - only to find it arriving again the next week - the trouble in our garden is that the roots are under the path.

  6. Shan't be able to drive for at least another month - broken wrist is proving inconvenient to say the least. Since L is giving up 6 weeks of his cricket season to walk BB and cook and wash up I figure that suggestions about going away anywhere before the end of the season will meet with a frosty reception! So it's looking like late September....

  7. Wonderful pics and post as usual! Just wanted to send a quick note to let you know I've given you an award on my blog post today!
    It's at:

  8. MM - I am listening to my back. It was sore the other day but I've had more problem with my right shoulder, from pulling out protesting weeds! Painting pretty well done now, just a couple of little bits and some ceiling panels (between joists) which K will do. Just wait until I tell D I need some digging done tomorrow . . . The hard work in the garden has largely been done now and it is maintenance and - deep joy! - planting!

    DW - you must try and visit before we leave.

    Rowan - sorry to hear you broke your wrist, I shan't ask how! More water with it dear . . .

    SH - thanks for the award. Will try and sort that out soon.

    WoG - wickens - never heard that expression before but I will try and remember and use it.