Monday, 19 March 2012

All guns blazing in the garden . . .

Where the weeds grow . . . the scene of the action this afternoon.

Ye Gods. Why is that you could lay down and sleep on the head of a pin when you've spent the morning in the garden? I'm just having a well-earned break as my back would rather like to be straight for a while, after being crooked over as I emptied pots and potted on Aquilegias (dozens of the things) and dug up self-seeded plants from the garden to pot up and sell. Weeding and seed sowing after lunch.

As per usual I am over-stretching myself, but after a winter indoors it is so good to be out in the fresh air again. It also comforts me to think that if I can sell some plants on a regular basis this summer, it helps to keep the wolf from the door a bit. So I have been digging up Aquilegias, Foxgloves, Pulmonaria, Welsh Poppies, Cowslips, scented leaf Geraniums etc.

Every now and then my husband will call me and I have to trot across and hold a bit of wood for him whilst he saws it up for his next project. I would quite like to take a walk, but don't think I have time. Tea will be . . . hmmm. I'll deal with that when we come to it.

In the meantime, it's the start of the eight hour days in the garden . . .


  1. I am envious of the aquilegia seedlings and thinking of some lovely ones left behind in another garden. I had a look at the tiny self-sown plants yesterday wondering at what crucial point I should move them.
    Gardening is good for the soul--but not for aging backs and knees!

  2. I have a squillion I could send you but they would either perish or be confiscated I fear. Are seeds allowed to come into the USA? If so, I have plenty of those too . . .

    You're right about the knees and back . . .

  3. Your house looks so beautiful in that shot.

  4. A couple of months down the line from March though Fi. It does have character. You're more than welcome - I love to bake for visitors.

  5. Jennie, What so Welsh poppies look like? I would love seeds from yoyr gardens. I am still laughing at the picture of the loaf of bread from yesterday. That looks so much like one I would make. Fresh air and sunshine are always folliwed by relaxation and a bit of a nap, aren't they? Blessings, Lynn

  6. You have a pretty house and garden. I can't wait to be well enough to garden again.

  7. You be jolly careful with that back and don't overdo things! You have lots of lovely things to pot up and sell, the cowslips you gave me a couple of years ago are going great guns. I was gardening this morning as well but in Juliette's garden. It's looking pretty good now but needs some more plants so I shall pot up and split stuff from my garden to fill some of the gaps.

  8. Rowan - glad that the cowslips rewarded you. My back has been fairly obliging I'm glad to say.

    Cait -sorry to hear that you've been ill and I hope you are soon completely better again.

    Lynn - I e-mailed you yesterday, so hope you got my note. I will happily save you seeds - the Welsh poppies are yellow and orange, really pretty flowers.

  9. Come fall, would you consider selling or swapping some seeds? This summer, I'm collecting and planting as many unusual non-hybrid varieties as I can gather.