Friday, 9 March 2012

The Friday Post

Some cats know exactly where the absolutely BEST place to sleep is! Banshee . . .

That title sounds important, doesn't it? I've had a busy week, and that was the best I could come up with. So far this week, I have done painting (front hall, kitchen and bathroom), changed the winter-weight curtains curtains in the kitchen for the summer-weight ones, washed all the china in the bathroom and put it back up against a freshly-painted wall, deep-cleaned the bathroom, made bread, had a couple of walks, planned what to do next in the garden, been shopping, volunteered, finished sewing a thank you gift for a friend (photos once she's received it), peeled, chopped and cooked 4 lbs of root ginger which is now hopefully preserved, and mourned poor old Gypsy. Thank you all for your kind comments, by the way.

Today my darling OH decided finally he couldn't put off servicing our old Hergom stove any longer (e.g. it had STOPPED!) I am glad to say it just needed a thorough de-coke and a little bit of air pinched out of the line where the oil level had dropped so low. Though even he didn't expect to find a mummified sparrow when he cleaned it out. Thankfully we have managed (just) to gather together the money for a small oil delivery, so the house is having a day of warmth and then back to being frugal with the oil again.

The walk I gave up on. I had intended to walk along the bridleway and meet up with my OH as he came back from collecting the papers, but after climbing this steep hill, my legs decided that walking was perhaps an over-rated exercise . . .

So I turned around and walked back down to meet him. Past the beautiful Chestnut Tree . . .

And down by the river, where it glissades over the pebbles.

Not a good day for colour, as the mist was late to rise from the fields.

But Wales DOES do green . . .

A big pan of ginger for preserving.

A nice fresh bathroom and CLEAN china . . . probably a lot of disgruntled spiders too.

Have a good weekend all.


  1. You've certainly been busy - I felt exhausted just reading all that! Glad you've managed a warm house for a while too.

  2. I'm reading about these orgies of spring cleaning going on everywhere but here--I cringe, knowing that I never go through the whole house at one time like the proverbial white tornado. I do bits and pieces, keeping us borderline decent. Whenever we've had house showings or sold a house to a new owner, said house has had the cleaning of a lifetime!

  3. Your photos are even sparkly; must be the cleaning thing. I love your blue & white china, the old beam, the cat, I mean yarn basket.

    I will never get enough of those countryside photos. The walks you go on are beautiful. You got to know I would love to be right there.

    Have a wonderful weekend and by all means, put your feet up!

  4. BB, you wore me out with what you've been doing. Gads, girl, I need some of that energy.
    I am like MM, I can only muster up enough to just be decent, for now. But, I know that as it starts to warm up next week, I am going to start the ritual, floors, and wash my large floor rugs that take two men and a mule to do.
    And then tackle painting too.
    Love the kitty in the basket. She/he has the right idea. wish I could find a basket, probably to be locked up in one!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. glissades

    my favourite new word :-)

  6. Kath - very omnomatapoeic (have I spelt that correctly?)

    Denim - spread over a week it's easy-peasy - last year, bar the preserved ginger, I was almost doing that each day because of possible viewings (there weren't any).

    SAS - I''ll let you into a secret - I hate housework. Do it only because I must. I think MM and I have a lot in common because if there is a viewing, I go absolutely ballistic to try and clean everything in sight.

    MM - so now you know my guilty secret. Sometimes I am Caught Out by an unexpected visitor and then I cringe because there are festoons of cobwebs or piles of magazines and books which SHOULD have been tidied away . . .

    Rowan - now you're the one to put me to shame as I know, having visited, that you keep a tidy billet!

  7. Your shelf of Blue and White looks lovely, and shiny clean.

    Banshee looks very contented in her colour co ordinated bed :-)

    Hope you are having a beautiful sunny day in Wales today ( Saturday). You deserve some free time after all that spring cleaning!

  8. I had to smile at you giving up on your walk - I do that all the time - have such big plans and then walk about half the distance.

  9. Weaver - it is a Big Thing for me to turn back on a walk. In fact, I don't think I've ever done that before - actually listened to my body that is - normally I just keep going and regret it the next day!

    DW - we had sunshine, mostly whilst we were shopping, which is typical. I did watch some racing this afternoon, and will be glued to Cheltenham all next week.