Monday 9 April 2012

Bluebells and birthdays

I couldn't resist that new header. The first bluebells are out here, and they are one of my favourite wild flowers, especially en masse. As it's my birthday today (a scary big bad round number involving a 6 and an 0. . .) I am about to indulge myself with doing some baking - I just fancy a cake - probably carrot, as I have a lot of those to hand. I have had some lovely cards and presents - and I found two lovely old cottage prints (Sylvester Stannard, a Bedfordshire artist 1870 - 1951) at the car boot sale yesterday and they came home with us. I will pop up some photos later.

The only thing missing is . . . chocolate. I can just taste it and we only have my husband's 81% stuff in the house. YUK! I fancy some Munchies so will indulge when we go out later to collect our offspring from various points in the Carmarthenshire landscape.


  1. Happy 60th birthday. You are still young yet.

    Love all those bluebells. How wonderful to see them growing in the fields like that.


  2. Thank you FL. The bluebells were once among woodland, but that was felled many years ago by the look of things, but the bluebells survive. The beautiful island of Skomer is the same - woodland relict plants such as bluebells and woodsage still survive despite the extreme lack of trees.

  3. Happy Birthday, enjoy your munchies!

    I was quite looking forward to being 60 as I thought I'd be off exploring with my free bus pass, until they extended the qualifying age! :-(

  4. Happy birthday, and eat as much chocolate as you can as long as you don't get sick!

  5. A most wonderful and joyous Birthday Greeting to you, my friend.
    Indulge all you want on whatever cake you want, carrot cake with a lot of cream cheese frosting?!
    Have a wonderful day. And a wonderful weekend.

  6. Happy birthday BB - may this be an extra special year for you. Wonderful blue bells, ours are not even in bud yet.

  7. Happy birthday! I'm only a few years behind you (minus three days - it was my birthday on Friday)

    60 is the new 40 you know!

  8. Happy Birthday! DO go out an enjoy those beautiful flowers!

  9. Happy Birthday!
    The bluebells are glorious!

  10. Hope you have had a wonderful day xxx

  11. Happy B-Day! My big 60 is next month but I'm 32 in my mind and spirit.

    Hope you have had a fabulous day and that this is the beginning of the life you have always dreamed and hoped for.

    Wish I could bake you a cake.

  12. Happy Birthday!! Remember age is just a number.

    I love the bluebell pictures, they are only just starting to appear in the woods near me.

  13. Thank you all. I did have a really lovely day and will write about it shortly. Just off to walk along by the river with my eldest daughter T.

  14. I"m sorry I missed this post on your birthday--but send along my belated good wishes.
    There is chocolate [the insipid milk variety] and then there is CHOCOLATE--dark, just slightly bitter, and very satisfying!
    I treat myself when I can to decent chocolate, keeping it buried in my desk drawer for a special nibble.