Wednesday, 4 July 2012

In search of healing . . .

Well, how strange that I should find an incredible synchronicity this evening when I was merely searching for something to help me heal.  A while back I had found a couple of excellent sites for meditation (on dear old YouTube).  I first tried Caroline Myss, but couldn't find the link I remembered.  Another site came to mind - a white horse against blue skies - but who was it linked to?  I typed "white horse meditation" into the YouTube search engine, and amazingly I found this . . .

Note - a reference to Edward Thomas's South Country (on my little Edward Thomas bookshelf with many other books by and about him) and to the chalk downland of Wessex which I know so well from my childhood.

I can't manage a picture of the Uffington White Horse, so Avebury will have to do . . .

Meanwhile, suitably relaxed, my breathing has eased again.


  1. So glad your breathing is improoving

  2. It's amazing the things, other than medicine which can effect our health. Keep doing it if it works!

  3. The calm after the storm is what you are probably experiencing. Loved that 'Chalk' video, will find you a chalk poem by Jeremy Hooker when I come back from a walk to see the ponies X

  4. Avebury will do well BB. A very special place.

    Hope you will soon feel well enough for more walks in the chalk downlands. The video made me think of the ancient woodlands on the Downs near Steep, and that amazing misty view into Sussex from Shoulder of Mutton Hill.

  5. This is beautiful and also restful BB. So glad there is an improvement in your health.