Saturday, 28 July 2012

Climbing Pen-y-Fan

The start of the walk.  You can't see me, but I'm sat in the car in the car park, reading a good book!  (Diana Gabaldon: "A Breath of Snow and Ashes") 

It was a steep and steady climb, but the views soon became worth the effort.

Not just one lake in the view, but three . . .

Looking towards Brecon.

Left over from the glacial period, a tarn nestles amongst the hills.

On a clear day, you can see forever . . .  Brecon town again.

This is truly the TOP!

I was very proud of my husband and daughter as it was quite a challenging climb with a bit of scrambling in places, and it was the 1970s since my husband was last up there!


  1. Wow, a beautiful place and view. How neat your husband and daughter went too.

  2. Hi Terra, I just wish I had been well enough to climb up there, but because of this chest infection, which isn't completely sorted yet, I had no option but to go with them only in spirit, and not body!

  3. Aw well done guys - was up there last in January or February time - its one heck of a climb up there - well done both - xxx

  4. What a fabulous place. Absolutely breathtaking! You'll make it up there again soon.

  5. spectacular photos--hope you can make the climb again yourself--I, too, have had to curtail some climbing because of health issues--

  6. Not sure I'd have been good for the climb even in my 'better' days--I was never much of an up-hill person although I could--and did--walk for miles.
    Diana Gabaldon is great for holding the attention--although I wish sometimes the episodes didn't sound a bit like the perils of Pauline--then I remind myself we're starting from a premise of time travel here! Her vocabulary and attention to historical detail surely raise these works above ordinary fiction. I always took Outlander with me to read on plane journeys! 'Echo in the Bone' which comes after "A Breath of Snow and Ashes" wasn't as good as some of the earlier books--so says I.

  7. Thank you ( and your daughter) for a virtual walk up Pen y Fan. My OH loved the photos too and enjoyed reliving this walk, which he did on the day that you, our friend J and I met up in Brecon while the menfolk went up the mountain. Happy memories!

    I have not read Diane Gabaldon but have just started reading an old Daphne de Maurier, The House on the Strand. I had forgotten how good her descriptive writing is and how she can transport her reader through "time slips" in a quite uncanny way.

  8. Beautiful hike!

    BTW - I love Diana Gabaldon as well. Great news - Sony has picked up the rights to her Outlander books and Ron Moore, who created the series Battlestar Galactica, is adapting the books. Since Sony is shopping the series around, the genre (cable, miniseries, HBO, etc.) hasn't been decided but stay tuned!

  9. Spectacular scenery (and WHAT a climb! Oh my, the legs ache at the thougt of it, lol) I think you chose well and wise to wait it out and read what with the recent chest infection. (I'm not wanting to read a post retelling how you'd had to be helio'd out to hospital after achieving the summit, lol)

    Thanks to your DH and daughter and your efforts posting for the soul touching pictures. They give me the feeling of flight...

    Issy (who's still looking for that ceiling picture to show you, lol)