Monday, 9 July 2012

Time to stand on my head then . . .

Purple vetch.  Isn't it gorgeous?  One of my favourite wild flowers.  Seen here growing in a hedgerow between the A40 and our house.  I wish I could go out for a walk to take some more wild flower photographs, but the steroids are bringing out all their worst side-effects to have an airing, and now my Kidneys are having a break from overworking, I now have terrible aches in my legs (yesterday it was hips) which is probably connected with the Steroids.  Long term it would be Steroid Myopathy.  Deep blardy joy.  So I can't lay down/sit/stand/walk for very long.  That's it then, I will just have to stand on my head . . .

Thanks for your lovely supportive comments.  I am on the mend, but there is going to be a HUGE lifestyle change in my diet (a lot less meat and dairy, and even more rainbow veg), and which rooms we live in over the winter here, as the wood burning stove may be the major culprit - apart from recent family stress - in the downturn in my asthma and all those infections. (Causes particulates in the air which set up inflammation in my lungs).   I can't wait to get back to walking again, but in the meantime I just have to mooch about and take things steadily.

As an afterthought, I wish I could keep my photos the size they initially load on the page, before they shrink again.  Does anyone know how to do this?

Sewing in progress, btw, and I've pieced the 9 piece block for the seaside cushion fronts.  I'm just off in search of some suitable material for the border and then I'll take photos later.


  1. Pretty vetch. We don`t seem to get the deep blue kind here.

    Thank goodness your chest is so much better, although the steroids are a mixed blessing. Hoping that you are soon less achey and can get out into your lovely Welsh lanes again.

    Take care and enjoy a restful day sewing your seaside cushions.x

  2. What a nightmare you've been having, you poor thing. I know how boring 'taking it easy' can be after last year and the broken back.

    I don't know how to make the photos bigger but will see if I can work it out! At least when we click on them they get a bit bigger. Having gone back over mine, the bigger file sizes get quite big when you click on them, but I think Blogger automatically resizes them so they don't take up too much space. I'm sending myself to sleep here....

  3. DW - what a shame you don't get our lovely Vetch. I remember it from Dorset so perhaps it's your Forest heath environment which doesn't encourage it. As you say, the steroids are a mixed blessing. The breathing is much better now, and as long as I have a blip on my Ventolin inhaler at some point inbetween the twice daily dose of the Seretide, I am lasting out now and peak flow is up and staying fairly consistent.

    Em - You have my belated sympathies then, over the enforced rest with your broken back, as I would think you are a fairly energetic person (as I am usually) so taking things easy doesn't sit easy with me once I feel better!

    Perhaps this is for a reason - to make me change my asthma regime (having taken my health for granted) and changing my diet to cut out much meat and sugars etc. I would be happy to lose the weight . . . so I can get up the hills again!

  4. Well Jenny you haven't lost your sense of humour yet ;)keep on getting better. When I fell off my bike, I hurt my coccyx and sitting down is a bit of an 'ouch' problem at the moment.
    Interesting about the wood burner stove as well causing a problem, a thousand years ago when I had to tend a rayburn every day it gave me asthma as well sometimes, due to the gases from the coal. X

  5. They are hosting an event, the farm is near Carmarthen, near you I think, anyway it looks rather interesting.

  6. Thelma - thank you. I will get in touch with them as I see they do a day rate for local folks. It would be lovely to have some drawing practice/tuition, not to mention get involved with the fibre crafts etc too.