Monday, 13 August 2012

Looking back on a busy weekend

Well, the past few days have been somewhat surreal.  Moments of highs and lows when really I would prefer life to be on a more even keel.  Once again, my health has taken a real battering and my asthma has been out of control - nothing I was taking was helping me breath any easier, and a trip to the Doctor's actually made things worse, but enough said about that.  My husband finally realized how much tension I have been holding on to - subliminally worried about our son going travelling across Europe on his own, but definitely worried about my asthma and what was causing the spiralling out of control.  I had 2 small glasses of wine last night, was able to relax and today I am feeling better.  Hopefully in control again and not on the one-way staircase of ill-health I was so frightened of.

Anyway, although it was an effort to get up early to check out the car boot sale on Saturday, it was well worth it and our efforts were rewarded.  I even found 3 more pieces of Devon pottery for my collection ( £2.50 the 3). 

Yesterday we had to sell at a car boot sale (there have been so few opportunities this summer, due to the weather, and our Junk Room needs to be emptied a bit more.)  It wasn't a very good day, but we did sell, amongst other things,  a lovely old Windsor chair  made from birch which we have had and used for many years now. 

Just as we got back on Saturday, we spotted these three riders who were taking part in a sponsored ride across Carmarthenshire, linked to the town's Merlin Festival.  They had been up to our local Llanfynydd Show and were now making their way back to Carmarthen via local lanes and then a Police Escort once they reached the A40.  I thought the "dragons" were brilliantly done - the two below even had colour-co-ordinated overreach boots!

Anyway, we will now all be suffering from Olympic Games Withdrawal Symptoms.  It was brilliant, from start to finish (and we still have most of last night's closing ceremony to see as we couldn't stay awake past 10 p.m.)  I feel so honoured to be British and am so proud of all the medals our sports men and women won.  It was great to see the presenters going wild when Usain Bolt, and Mo Farah won their races (we were too!!!)

P.S.  I will try and get back to the next few posts of why we came to be in Wales soon.

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  1. Those Welsh "Dragons" are amazing. I bet they had fun dressing their horses up like that!

    The rain has come back here now, to wash all that Olympic sunshine away, but it has been a great fortnight and such a positive time, despite the economic gloom. I hope you enjoy the rest of the closing ceremony and have a better day, health wise.