Friday, 3 August 2012

In Limbo

A bit of a strange week this week.  I feel like I have been in limbo - still do in fact.  T went back home on Monday.  G moved flats on Wednesday (fortunately we didn't need to help as she had a friend with transport), and next week D goes solo back-packing in Europe.  I am not worried, repeat, I am not worried.  If I say it enough I may just believe the rhetoric . . .

I have finished the anti-biotics now but I'm not sure if I am "right" yet.  I'm not coughing, but still needing to clear my chest, still on double the medication (steroid inhaler), still having to take Anti-histamines to keep my chest clear/help my breathing.  I went for a short walk with my OH yesterday and KNEW I wouldn't get back up the hill, so he had to come and get the car to chariot me home.  Mind you, we both felt tired before we started, so it was probably a bad idea all round!

Anyway, I was intending to write another bit about moving to Wales (the horses this time), but the scanner isn't working and all the photos came out woolly, so I shall have to try again later.

Meanwhile, my "collection" of two pieces of Devonware pottery (Dartmouth Pottery/Torquay Pottery etc) has grown apace in the last few weeks, with various charity shop and car boot finds.  It is very cheap at present, having been very expensive until a few years ago, so I shall buy it whilst I can afford it!

Spot the oddball one . . . has a kosher backstamp of Royal Torquay Pottery but I am very dubious about the "sprayed" on green at the bottom and the "wrong" cream (more yellow) and its size . . .  D'you reckon there are fakes out there?  Looking things up on-line, Forster and Hunt at Honiton made stuff VERY similar to this, but I presume NOT with a Royal Torquay Pottery backstamp?  The little Pepper pot beside it is an early one (about 1905 I think).  My favourites are the plate behind it and the square milk jug, both bought cheaply at last week's Fleamarket.  I love the connection with my Devon roots.


  1. It seems it's been an odd week all 'round - As you well said, 'limbo' - tho myself I feel the week was a bit more on the 'diaper rash' level lol

    Worried to hear you're still struggling with the UR infection & symptoms. Most likely a silly question, but have you seen/are you seeing a lungs specialist? My Dad was vexed with similar problems and whilst the primary doctor was wonderful and did all as should, it was the pulmonologist who ultimately sorted it all out (and I had another lined up for a second opinion in case the first couldn't assist). No doubt something you've thought of and doing/or already done, but I'd thought worth mention as what you describe sounds SO much akin to what my Da went thru for nearly a year..

    Try not to worry over all your chicks :-) departures, moves, solo backpkg - each tug at a mum hens heart (for differing reasons). Tied at the heart, mum and babes ~ a bit of concern and wanting to protect companions each step they take (no matter what the specifics lol)

    Your collection is drop to the floor in envy lovely! That is odd (the stamp on the green piece) - perhaps an odd run or a special edition (limited) piece? Mysterious indeed!

    Looking forwards to you next installment of the move to Wales - and more pics of your collections and car boot finds!

    Hugs and be well...


  2. Issy - what a lovely caring post. I have ASKED and ASKED for a referral to a specialist and the Doctor (and the Asthma clinic nurse) have palmed me off with excuses. If I have to go back (and I rather think that is likely) then this time I shall put the question a different way - WHY are you denying me a referral to a specialist? Then we'll see what the answer is!

    I shall try not to worry about my children (but I guess that is the default setting for most mums).

  3. Sorry it is taking you so very long to recover BB. You have had a rough time over the last few months and that is probably adding to the worry over the back-packing - but yes, we are all the same. We never stop worrying, however old they are - I suppose our Mums worried about us too - but of course we didn't realise it did we?

  4. What a lovely header pic. I thought it was a pyramid for a moment!
    I hope the anti biotics didn't strip away all your friendly gut bacteria as happened to me. I am battling with that after a course of strong anti b's.
    You've had a run of ill health and I hope you've turned a corner now and will start to build yourself back up.

  5. It has been a long struggle with this illness Jennie, think you need a long recuperation period as well. As for children leaving home and worrying about them it is inevitable but I am sure he will go safely on his journey and come back with a new experience under his belt. Wish him well from us X

  6. Thank you all for your kind comments. I shall try and get better now and am making sure I don't overdo things in the typical Aries gung-ho fashion! I listened to the Archers omnibus on-line earlier on, and have just seen an Escape to the Country so I AM sitting down when necessary. I have made sure I don't get myself "jizzed up" over my breathing either, and have drank plenty of water today. I think it will be a long old haul though . . .

    thelma - I will pass on your good wishes to D. I think it will be the making of him.

    Kath - one peak is flat and the other pointed! We can see them from the top of our hill on a clear day. I have been taking probiotic yoghurt as I doubt very much I have a single friendly gut bacteria left after 6 weeks of a-b's and then regularly in the previous 18 mths.

    Weaver - the trouble was, I was already resistant to the first two lots of a-b's, strong though they were, so the infection had a chance to get a good hold and my asthma was totally out of control. I know realize that my nostrils may not have hay-fever but my lungs certainly know how to react badly . . .

  7. Great you're not coughing! My son is on the same regime at the moment. Steroid inhaler, Ventolin and antihystamines but he keeps having terrifying coughing fits. No problems getting up hills though but I suppose that's youth for you!

    You've reminded me that I need to do a post about my Dad and his first wife's pottery. The Richard Parkinson Pottery. Perhaps when the holidays are over. I never knew him and he died in 1985 but the pottery is something I have of his and a link to a man I never know.

    Looking forward to hearing about the horse moving next time.

  8. Hun please go back and demand to see a specialist - and here's why. Well its a story you already know - but anyway. If my GP had listened, if I had fought hard, if I had known then etc - then I WOULDNT and I repeat WOULDNT have too resurface hips by the time I was 46! I recently asked to see someone about my knee and he practically laughed at me - and I ended up telling him that that wasnt his choice to make - that I wanted to see someone - that wanted prevention not cure this time - and that, if the specialist was going to laugh at me or to accuse me of wasting his time, then that was MY battle to take up - and not his - so, laughing at me in the process, he refered me. I dont want any more surgery - if I can help is - so now I know what is wrong with me knee and im taking steps (literally boom boom) to prevent that!

    Sometimes - and I hate doing it - but sometimes you have to be bloody minded and remind them that is your body, you arent just a number and that you deserve the best care - after all - its been yours and your hubbies NI that has paid in for that care!

    Rant over LOL

    But it annoys me that GPs think they have the right to prevent us seeing specialists and getting a further opinion.

    Many hugs for you xxx

    Oh and as for your lovely family - you have to remember that if you hadnt brought them up to be the amazing people they are - they wouldnt even entertain backpacking, living away etc - and although its so difficult not to grab them and hide them away in their rooms forever, (LOL), its to your credit that they have lives of their own - honestly xxxx