Thursday, 10 October 2013

Insomnia, health and gardening . . .

Just when I need to have a store of having slept well, my body has decided the opposite.  Every other night this week I have been either unable to get to sleep, and just dozed fitfully on and off through the night, or like last night, fallen asleep promptly, but only for half an hour or so, and then been awake for the next 5 hours, and woken by the sound of tractors outside at 4.30 a.m. when they start to get the cows in for milking. 

We are planning to do the Malvern Fleamarket on Sunday to make some more room in the Junk Room (which has to be cleared before we go on the market in the spring).  It would have to be an outside stall though, and that means getting up at 2.30 or 3 a.m. in the morning, and then a 2 1//2 hour drive, and joining a long queue to get in.  Hence trying to catch up on sleep.  With my current pattern, Saturday night will be a non-sleeping night . . .  All is dependent upon weather, and it shows rain for Malvern on Sunday now . . .  In which case, we will take a different load of un-needed possessions and go to the Carmarthen Car Boot Sale, which has a better forecast and gives us a lie-in.

To make matters worse, the Doc thinks I am brewing another Chest Infection (the first of the season, deep joy), so I have had to go to the Hospital and give another sputum sample and have another Chest X-Ray.  I had very tired legs walking round town the other day, so I guess that might be the infection getting a hold and robbing me of energy (just when I need it the most).  I still haven't had the results of my 24hr EGC yet.  I tell you, once you get to 60, the wheels fall off!

Anyway, as yesterday was a nice sunny (if chilly) Autumn day, I got out in the garden after lunch and started clearing the spent herbage from the main border.  I want to get it weeded and planted up with lots of bulbs so there is a lovely display next spring, when hopefully, we will have viewers . . .

Meanwhile, there are still more apples to pick . . .


  1. I understand about the need to sleep with a car boot morning looming, I am the same. Afterwards it takes me a few nights to catch up. Lovely looking apples!

  2. I am cracking up at the laughing alligator !

    Goodness what do you do with all the wonderful looking apples ?
    You are so lucky to have good tasting apples though. The ones I buy at the store are usually very tasteless.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. The downside of garden and orchard produce is the labor of 'putting it up.'
    Insomnia--I think those of us who endure it are cursed with it from birth!

  4. I'm sorry your sleep is so FUBAR-I get weeks like that too where no matter what I do the sleep just will not cooperate. Your apples look delectable. We've eaten all we had except the ones we're drying. What a delicious summer for Galas here in Northern California-we all had good harvests here in my neighborhood for a change.

    I hold your infection up to the Universal Healing Power and hope it heals quickly and with little fanfare. Being ill is the worst of all and it started downhill around here at about forty...

  5. Delicious looking apples and rotten luck about showing signs of yet another infection. Do look after yourself and keep warm, big hug X

  6. I think everybody with an apple tree is inundated BB - we can't get them eaten before they begin to go bad - they ae not keepers.

  7. You poor thing - just missing one night's sleep sends me into a downward spiral so you must be absolutely exhausted. I find half the problem is going to bed stressed about the fact that you don't think you're going to sleep. I'm pretty lucky and usually get off quickly but I really shouldn't have said that should I? Hope you do sleep tonight and that the chest results are better than you think. x

  8. It's awful when you can't sleep Isn't it? Doesn't happen to me often thank goodness. Do hope the chest infection hadn't materialized, I''ve got a cold at the moment and that's bad enough. Did you go to Carmarthen or Malvern today?
    I have a garden full of windfall apples that I need to try and deal with - the question is when! Take care.

  9. Just a quick update - Rowan - we did the boot sale at Carmarthen, and did well. I felt rough though - had to go to the Out of Hours Doc last night and get A-B's again, and think I shall be back down my own Doctor's tomorrow morning and banging on the table for the results of last week's sputum test. I shall try and round up other messages in my next posting.