Monday, 21 October 2013

You can tell it's raining when there are . . .

Wall to Wall Cats!

Little Whale has decided he likes Bunk Beds, and bagged the top bunk.

But Theo was quite happy with the bottom bunk . . .

And a sleep Banshee is often found on my office chair.

The others are in the kitchen (warm) or sitting room (warmer). Meanwhile, rain of Biblical proportions has been falling overnight and all day today.  We had to brave it and venture into town this morning, and in the 3 hours we were out, the river rose at least 4 feet.  It is more than from bank to bank as it is up across the rocks by the caravan, hurtling seawards with great intent, taking a tree we had earmarked as winter firewood with it.  Our fault, as we have been too busy/too poorly (the latter me) to harest it.  Let's hope it brings us a better-seasoned one than the green Sycamore it took away.

Much more of this (and more is predicted) and Theo won't have to dabble his paws in the pond to catch goldfish - he will be picking them up off the lawn!

I have been doing some quilt-making, but my poor brain keeps getting completely frazzled and I think I have probably unpicked half a reel's worth of sewing cotton from my mistakes, so I have laid it aside until I can concentrate again. 

This is a strip I did MANY years ago - a sort of Jacob's Ladder I think.  It was to grace the front of a jacket with a patchwork border.  Not sure what to do with it now . . .

I hope the weather is better where you are.  I hope to write the third part of the trip to Cenarth up for tomorrow.


  1. Wow, that's quite the inundation you're having; I love that the kitties find the best spots to sleep away the downpour.

    Love the blue/aqua in the HST's there on your Jacob's Ladder strip-that's so in my palette. I used it in my last weaving project and it came out beautifully.

    Hope you're feeling better and that the flooding brings a great firewood tree as close as comfortable while not drenching you all totally with its exuberance. Here the clouds hover but no rain for another month or so usually.

  2. Love all your kitties in comfy spots.
    Wow is all I can say about the rain. Our winter rains don't start till middle of January.

    Hope your feeling better.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. The dogs have been poking their heads out and coming straight back in too. Not allowed on beds though.....x

  4. I can't get over the strength of the rain - it just keeps pulsing through in torrents. Thomas gets caught out occasionally. Fortunately he doesn't mind being towel dried and we keep one specially for him over a radiator in the kitchen. Spoilt cat!!!! Jx

  5. Very photogenic cats--and cooperative, as well.
    Th new quilt on my bed has immediately become the popular napping place for felines---I should be resigned at this point to cat hair.
    The strip of Jacob's Ladder blocks could have a border and become a table runner. Table runners were becoming the 'in thing' in the shop where I worked--some were very intricately patterned--not as huge a commitment of pricey fabric and time as making a quilt. Anything passing as a table runner is this house becomes--surprise--a soft place for a cat who has decided to be a 'center piece!'

  6. MM - I thought of a table centrepiece too. I still have the materials from that, so will make one when my brain is back in residence! Glad to hear that your new quilt has become a cat magnet . . . Are you surprised?!

    Jan - enough dryness this afternoon for me to take down my bean poles which had collapsed beneath the weight of foliage and recent high winds and rain.

    Em - can you blame them?

    parsnip - rain here is pretty well year-round. Sigh.

    Lynda - we had a stroll beside the river today and noted a long thin tree jammed against the bank. A bit further down than the one we lost, but more carryable . . . We will have to hope it stays put until the rains and raging river cease.